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Author Topic: Jessie or Heidi (Tats versus twats...???)  (Read 929 times)


I've got a dilemma for next week.  I'm really keen to see either Jessie or Heidi but for different reasons.  I adore tats and piercings so Jessie immediately appeals but then again I've got a thing for petite girls, with small tits and am intrigued by the feedback on her pussy lips  (how big are they?).

It's a good decision as either way I get some quality pussy, although I got the impression that Jessie might have gone off the boil.  Anyway, any well informed comments would be appreciated.
cheers Scooby

Offline CoolTiger

Heidi's Lips are massive :thumbsup:

See, that was easy, Mr Shyboy2.

1 down, 8 to go!!

I've got my eyes on you Pedro!!

2 down, 7 to go  :D :D :D

Big lips! Where? 

labia mania   :yahoo:

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Offline pedro2

Looks like Heidi is now known as xx-STACEYSBACKxx

I'm possibly not the best person to reply on this one.

Offline CoolTiger

A punting friend (not a member on here) recently saw Jessie and was not that impressed with her, or her services.

Whist this doesn't answer Tats ot Twats?, I'd know whom to avoid.


Thanks all ....interestingly I've heard really mixed reviews on both of them ......but it's twat that's won me over ..........

Will you be seeing her in Leicester or Coventry as she appears to be moving between the two quite a lot at the moment?


On the night I couldn't get hold of either of them, so I've moved onto pastures new.  If anyone knows of a girl with decent pussy lips in Leicester let me know.   Scooby

Offline pedro2

Erica, has reasonable size...but not massive like Heidi
She is good as well!
https://www.adultwork.com/3210927 or https://www.adultwork.com/XX+Emi%2DLeigh+XX
New name

just noticed you have seen her
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