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Author Topic: Clifton Road / Stow Hill Newport  (Read 891 times)

Does anyone remember a few years back  the private house that was on Clifton Road near Stow Hill in Newport ? Was a busy place with a small blonde called Lara.

They then moved to another house not far from the Royal Gwent, but then I worked away and lost track of them.

Any info welcome,

Offline Vlad

I remember the house near the cathedral?  The other is a mystery to me. Seems like it was possibly about 10 years ago.

Yes, they were there up until 5 years ago, was just trying to find out if the small blonde Lara is still working in  newport,


I was a regular there myself for a good few years.  Used to mainly see Gemma up until she finished.  Did not know that they reopened near the Gwent, but there used to be a parlour open at the same time on Clytha Square, I think it closed before Clifton Road.

The boss there was a lady called Jo, nice lady,  around the time they closed she was thinking of relocating to Cardiff as they were too close to Kandi Girls which was up the road, not sure if they ever moved to Cardiff,


The clytha square place is still there by the way, it's a complete mess, there was just a curtain pulled across  between the two 'rooms'.


Offline HughJardon

Met some great punts here, Lara & Lexie were incredible, sometimes you'd be spoilt for choice. That was a parlour that was running even before Studio 1. Most will remember Studio 1 on lower docks street (CB shudders), what a shambolic shithole that was. My first tucking up occurred here, and not a Romanian in site.

Lara was great, she has probably moved on now, never seen her pop up on Adultwork,
Jo the boss was good too,


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