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Author Topic: Amanda @ Oriental Spring Massage Shop - Orpington High St  (Read 1460 times)

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www: http://www.orientalspring.co.uk

lady: "Amanda"  - very slim and petite. Speaks good English

time spent: 30 mins

price paid: 70/80 GBP

service summary: FBSM with body-to-body

recommended?: Yes, very much

date visited: 28th February 2016

Happened to be in the area, and found this place via a Google search. I think the shop itself now has a different name, but the Oriental Spring link gets you to a web site with the right address etc.

The girl, "Amanda", was very small, slim, and petite. If you like lots of flesh and mammoth mammaries, she's not for you.  I like petite, and thought she was pretty and very sexy.

There was no "will she, won't she" about extras. As soon as I was in the room she gave prices for HR/B2B in addition to 30/60 minute massages. I can't remember the exact details, but the full hour was expensive-ish, IMO, and when I baulked a little she suggested I'd still have a great time in 30 mins with B2B, and I went for that. And she was right about having a great time!

The price given was 80.  But more on this later.

Anyway, she did the 'soft/medium/firm' question, and I went for the latter. And it WAS firm, including walking down my back!  Massage was great, but that' might be too firm for some. Then she oiled up and rubbed over my body, including a very sexy thing where she oiled up my leg, then kinda slid down it on her pussy - then did the same thing on my arms down to my hands. I did, most certainly, enjoy that.

I ended up coming via her HJ while she was in a 69 pos (kinda, there wasn't actually oral either way, she was just in that position with her lovely arse inches from my face. I tried to reach her pussy, but she was keeping just too far way. Tease!)

Overall, I thought it was pretty wonderful. 80 for 30 mins is a lot for me, but I enjoyed it enough to consider it devent value. Then the punchline: she came back with a tenner, saying she'd got it wrong, accidentally charging me too much, and it should have been 70. I let her keep it as a tip.

She said it has a different girl "each day", dunno if that's meant literally, but apparently she's only there Sundays.

I repeat, you need to like petite to find her sexy, I'd suggest. But I do like petite, and had a wonderful time.
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PS Don't be put off by this lot outside on GSV, it was ok when I was there:

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