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Author Topic: TOFTT Jasmine GFT 69 + Angela Pornostar Duo  (Read 743 times)

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Offline conny



£240 for 1 hour duo originally booked for 2


These two girls popped up in 2 threads on the london general boards and while the pictures are fantastic I initially passed because there was some concern in the 2nd thread of lack of services. But I discovered with a tiny bit of effort I could find the facebook profiles of both girls and confirm what they looked like and Jasmine genuinely looked right up my way in terms of looks and it did seem like the two would be a lot of fun together, genuinely looked friendly with each other and I was celebrating in a big way so didnt mind going the extra mile financially, It was going to be them or I was going to consider finally giving Khloe sexcy girl a try, but last night Khloe's profile on Vivastreet updated to include bareback which instantly put me off (though oddly its gone now). So I flipped 3 coins and sent a text being very specific on the time and the services, what was provided Got  *yes* *yes* *yes* back so I booked


Its a place in sloane avenue I understand its a regular for a number of girls. I've had very few bookings in this area in recent years so it would be my first time there. A bit messy but not my primary concern.

The Girls

I was not surprised by how either looked, as I said I was able to confirm their looks outside adultworks more then generous photos. Jasmine was small but with a lovely figure, great arse and perky small tits. Angela is a small bit older, firmer features, but still attractive with some extensive tattoos.

The Service

Sadly this is where it all went to crap. First thing in the door I reconfirmed the services before handing over my money, particularily french kissing. *yes* *yes* *yes* so I paid and showered came back to some wine poured and toasted. Phones kept going in Angela's hand and both speaking to each other in bulgarian over me. That doesnt fuss me much. Started to play with Jasmine and the first problems showed up, she moved away when I moved to kiss her. Saying No Kiss.

I put the brakes on straight away. Stating I asked very clearly about french kissing. They responded *yes! french kissing* and they blew kisses at me. *Thats not french kissing* I asked for my money back and started to move to dress. Some back and forth in bulgarian and Jasmine starting kissing me, tongue but with a quick dart back after initial contact. Angela was more in depth, but the lips were still closed enough that any attempt to put my own tonque in her mouth didnt get very far. They also kissed each other but seemed reluctant there too.

Annoyed I decided to bank on them potentially warming up, I had been fondling Jasmine for a very minutes and she seemed to be warming up quite nicely between the legs, so I was hoping that after a bit of foreplay she'd open up. Sadly this was foolish and I should have left. It became clear that while Jasmine would allow me to touch her and briefly kiss her and suckle on her gorgeous nipples, she wouldnt come close to any form of bodily contact between us. And this was getting frustrating as she would move around the bed putting angela between us.

Perhaps sending my frustration, Angela moved to give me a BJ, no word, straight on with the cover...again another service promised was denied. Again annoying me. And worse it was a dreadful uninteresting blowjob, with a bit of nail at the base and her elbow sticking into my leg. She offered sex but it was too soon for me, I wanted a lot more forplay and I was banking on the holy land, I was going to go and have a taste of Jasmine, usually a winner in warming up a session and melting cold shoulders. It took some bit of manouvering to get Jasmine to lie down on her back and I moved to taste the promised land

And it was closed to me, legs firmly crossed. *No!* This is for sex*

that was it

I could take the constant phone texting and chattering in bulgarian and some services lacking but do not deny me my promised land. I asked for my money back for the 2nd hour, got up and dressed. Angela tried to convince me to stay, more so to convince Jasmine to open up more I think. But the writing which had been on the wall had now been slapped across my face enough times for me to stop chasing my dick. Jasmine was a very pretty face, but she was not going to offer any of the services I desire. I respect Inna-naughty because her profile may not provide the services I like, but she clearly has that on her profile. I took my money and left.

Perhaps the mistake was seeing them together, perhaps if I'd seen just one things might have been different, the issues with texting and talking around me might not have been there, but I genuinely dont know how Jasmine would cope without Angela, as Angela seemed to be leading the entire affair,

Overall a mistake was made.

it shall not be repeated.

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Offline musicman007

bit of a no-no searching for their facebook profiles i think... :dash: :dash: :music:

Lol I don't get why some prossies are so against DFK and will do stupid shit like hiding there tongue when kissing.

Real shame to hear about your experience buddy - 240 would take me over a month to save up.

Offline mrhappypants

Conny, thank you for your review. Better luck next time.


Offline LL

So you made a toast with the wine?  :lol:
Sorry to hear about your poor experience but thank you for warning the rest of us about these two. I suspect they would have been just as shit if you'd seen them on their own. What chance do they have of offering a good service when they had another £240 on hand for your second hour, if they could only put their mind to it and deliver what they promised?  This sounds like a classic scam I'm afraid.

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