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Author Topic: Hot Olivia, Edinburgh + touring. Escort Scotland.  (Read 1026 times)

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Offline Roger De Her


Saw this Polish Lady today.  Noticed her Profile appear yesterday, and looked pretty interesting, so seemed good manners to check her out. Called yesterday on the way home and confirmed services listed were included in  the Fee, but unfortunately she wasn't available for over an hour so had to pass. Managed to fit her in this morn.

Venue: Good quality furnished apartments Doon Newhaven/Leith way, but she tells me she's looking to move closer to the city centre imminently.

Girl: Accurate pics,  quite pretty in my view,  poss a yr or 3 older than stated, but not far off, and, yes, her hips are that wide which is a shame in my view, but each to their own.  Her English is pretty good. She lives in POLAND and occasionally comes over on wee tours (inc Edin, Abdn &Weej).  She's quick witted, sassy and has a sense of humour! ....quite fun!

Service: Knows what she's doing!  Agreed on 69, owo, covered sex. Lovely shower and (beach size) towel!  -   Down to the Biz.  Kissed a bit, but she kept her distance.....no tongue really.   Oral - her technique pretty good, and happy to allow 69 & fingering.  She said she came after about 10 mins, however I wasn't convinced and I thought perhaps a good polished professional performance. Anyway, she insisted on a changeround and we had covered sex, her on top(limited stamina) then me(hmmm .... limited stamina also!).  She finished me with more OWO & hand job(she "knows").  Slightly awkward moment when the cleaners turned up to give the apartment the Once-Over and her mate let them in, so she kept me " interested" with one handed attention whilst metaphorically holding her other hand over ma gob to prevent Sexually Satisfied Moaning and Appreciations.

Overall, a pretty good service from a Sexy Gal!

Id go back!!

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Offline zag69

She looks good, any idea if she's coming to Glasgow?

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