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Author Topic: Rhea - Head Office, Stoke on Trent  (Read 707 times)

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Having had a couple of teriffic bookings with Natalie at The Head Office in Stoke on Trent and not having time to get to one of my regs (who I am overdue to visit), as sadly she was based too far away this week, I decided to return to Natalie as she gave a service  much more like an independent than a parlour girl htpps://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=66730.0. Unfortunately she was unavailable so I went for Rhea instead as I had seen her on the premises and she looked young and fit.

I was shown into the room and there was a shout downstairs to her that her client had arrived. I quickly showered as I knew it would come out of my time, but she didn't appear and kept me hanging around until 15 mins into the booking. We discussed services and price when she eventually put in an appearance and she is a nice enough girl, young, good looking and pleasant, but gave a more typical rushed parlour service.

Kissing was with closed mouth, but she seemed to like what I was doing to her with reverse oral, but I didn't try and slip a finger into her as I suspected from her attitude that this was a no-go area. She 'climaxed' very fast from oral, and without my finger inside her I couldn't say whether it was genuine, she made all the right noises and said the right things after, and I suppose it could have been. Her oral was quite intense and she mixed it up a bit. She warned me that she didn't do CIM, not a problem for me and I didn't request it.

The real negative was the sex where she seemed determined to push the pace and no sooner had she got on top than she was asking for a change of position. She suggested doggy and was soon giving me as much vocal encouragement to come as quickly as possible. Some guys might like this, but I do like to enjoy the moment, and she seemed determined to make that moment be as short as possible. Changed to mish and got a steady rhythm going, but she seemed to not be used to any more than 5 mins of penetration in a booking and suddenly stopped when I was close to a climax saying that condoms stretch thin during sex and it might burst and offering to give me an oily handjob to finish me off. I refused and she got another condom on me to replace the perfectly good one and I did climax quite quickly.

During the time she was perfectly pleasant, but perhaps she just wanted to make sure that I was out of the room on the hour despite the fact that I was ready and waiting for her to put in an appearance at the start of the booking. She was very friendly after and said how much she had enjoyed herself, but it was a very different experience to Natalie, who was unfortunately booked up until mid-afternoon (I wonder why?).

£120 for OWO, RO, sex and kissing (closed mouth). Late into the room (she was probably only in the room for 40-45 mins of an hour booking), rushing me to climax and change positions and then trying to make me finish the way she wanted because she had obviously had enough of penetrative sex. Shame, because she's a nice girl, good looking and we seemed to get on well, but perhaps more typical of parlour service than her work mate Natalie and a reminder of why most of us use independents.
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