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Author Topic: Lily-blossom isle of wight  (Read 485 times)

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Ok this was a bait and switch. Went for an hour for £110 Incall at Her working flat.


Now this one seemed OK on the night but the more I think about it the more pissed off I feel.

Initial comes good but her English isn't great.
When I arrived I recognised the girl from a punt last year when her name was bobo, big tits and abit over weight
She doesn't look like her pics as they are fake. Room had minimal light, I ask her to turn light up as I like to see the girl I'm fucking. Even before she turned the lights up I knew it wasn't the girl in her profile pics.
I was about to walk then I remembered she had some really firm big natural tits. So I thought fuck it, last time I had seen her she did cim and I remember pissing  my self with laughter when she was hanging over her bin in her room trying to spit it out but struggling as I'd held my cock deep in her throat while holding on to her head before coming deep in her throat  so she really had to work her throat muscles to shift my sticky load. Lol.

She offered me a massage which was shit... To soft and medioca, I asked her to strip so I could play with her tits, which I enjoyed, asked for a titwank but she didn't know how lol. Come on love you have big tits you must know how to wrap them around a cock.....

Then asked for owo, but no that was extra, I wasn't paying no more so got a soft shit covered blow job. No deepthroat and then complained her jaw was hurting....

This was not going well.

Asked for reverse cowgirl, she fumbled around and managed to get on my cock, this wasn't to bad her cunt was pretty tight, but as I was getting in to it she gave up and said her legs hurt...

For fucksake who is paying who here.....

I asked for doggy but she wasn't having it.....

Getting annoyed now.

She then lays on her back ushers me in for missionary... So I go for it, as I'm abit pissed off im thinking its time to knock it up a level... So I start nice and slow and build it up to a fucking frenzy she starts making some actual noise but kinda looks like she is in pain so I ask if she alright she says I'm good darling. Ummm im thinking she is putting a brave face on it at this stage I think I have had enough and pull out and shoot my load over her tits and face. She looks at me like I'm fucking Satan. I giggled and said sorry I'm normally a good shot.. I quickly got dressed and got the fuck out of there.

Would I recommend. No

Typical bait and switch, and yes they was other's people possible a family in the other room.

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1 review(s) found for xx sweet lily xx linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline nigel4498

Bait and switch, always a negative. :thumbsdown:

I agree but the Tits were quality even though she didn't know how to use them

Offline nigel4498

I agree but the Tits were quality even though she didn't know how to use them
So why gave her a neutral?
See PuntingWiki as it will be off help to you in the future.
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I gave a neutral as coming on her face was a no no and I got away with it

Offline bilbo

I gave a neutral as coming on her face was a no no and I got away with it

Surely it's still a neg as its bait and switch

Your right I'm just alittle to easy going for my own good

Offline Caulkhead

There's a few different 'oriental' profiles that pop in for Ryde, I presume they're all the same operation based just up the road from the pier.

I believe it's the usual different girl every week that you tend to get in these kind of places, so I wouldn't expect to see the girl pictured.

In my experience I have been to the same flat 2 times to different aw profiles so I recon it's the same girl just differ profile to freshen things up

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