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Author Topic: Helen of Troy  (Read 864 times)

I just wondered if anybody knows whether Helen of Troy has retired from whoring as her AW profile has gone. Perhaps she is just sticking with her regular punters from now on and doesn't need to advertise anymore.

I suspect she was on many people's hotlist as the oral without teeth blowjob for £20 a pop seemed too good to miss.
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Offline Redevil86

No disrespect mate, but don't you need an erection for a blow job to be worth turning up for ? Like I said , no disrespect ! You get what you pay for , springs to mind .

Offline mr big

Helen of troy on peoples HL what is the world coming to

Offline jtfm

One mans meat is another mans poison.
Banning reason: Accusing other members of being pedos

Offline newforthisyear

One mans meat is another mans poison.

I should report this post..  :vomit: :vomit: :vomit:
Banning reason: Touting banned site by PM

Offline HughJardon

Whats Helen of Troy abbreviated ?
Not for me, but I respect another mans poison

The last time HOT was talked about her profile suddenly re-appeared  :scare:

Offline schutz

I cant imagine why any man would go to her, even if she was offering you £100 and a slice of battenburg on arrival. I can understand people having different tastes but she is borderline monstrous, fair enough if she gets clients but fuck me, you couldnt get a bloke that ugly to sell sex.

Offline Redevil86

So very true schutz, but as the saying goes, there's nothing stranger than folk ! Or something like that .

the no teeth is interesting and i was intrigued,   but don't,  seriously don't go there.

Unless cleanliness is not your thing at all.  Read review here https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=63937.0

Even seeing this thread title made me shudder

Hey that's my mother your all talking about here!!!!

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