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Author Topic: The Honeypot Massage Parlour  (Read 2279 times)

Offline JPlus

Ok so I usually only use my uk punting account to lurk but after the experience I have had I had to post something. I went against the advice of literally every person on this site and went to one of Bristols infamous massage parlours.

My rational for doing this is that it is really difficult to get an independent punt at 0200 in the morning. So I do a bit of research about parlours in Bristol and there was some pretty negative stuff. Most of the posts on here were about 2 years out the date so I gave the Honeypot a chance (mostly because it was open till 4 in the morning).

I arrived and knocked on the door to hear a furious argument going on the other side. After waiting for about 20 seconds I was about to walk when the door flew open. There was only one girl, she was short, not attractive and looked like she'd lived a hard life somewhere in the Eastern block. I was hoping she was some sort of receptionist and all the real girls were lined up behind a curtain somewhere. But alas she says 'only me, £70'. At this point obviously I should have walked. But was many reading this will be able to relate to, the horn got the better of me. I was there and she was.... female, so I thought may as well. So we go up stairs and into a dodgy looking room. She says 'take clothes off and I'll be back'. She leaves the room and I wait for about 10 solid minutes (no joke). Again I should have fucked right off but I didn't. I was just starting to get a bit tetchy because at this point she had my money. But she does eventually come in.

She was wearing a nasty looking onesie and had a really sour look on her face. She was super aggressive and not attractive at all. She even mentioned she was Romanian (surprise). The punt itself was easily the worse I've ever had. Super basic, oral with and sex (only missionary). Usually I want my punts to have owo and French kissing at the least, however I was actually glad they were off the cards with this girl. Anyway without getting too graphic I was struggling to cum / stay hard due to the generally unpleasant experience. She kept saying 'when you finish' and the like. In the end I just gave up and had a wank, so worse spent £70 of my life. Afterwards she kept moaning about how shit her life was and how she wants to go back to Romania, I didn't really know what to say to this.

To add insult to injury, on the way out I saw a stunning English girl who must of been with another bloke when I got there. She was young, really hot and was actually smiling. So I don't know if Honeypots is an awful place or I just got an awful girl.

I know massage parlours have been covered in other threads but they all seem out of date. I posted this as a message thread rather than a review because I'm not really reviewing the Honeypot. And I don't even know the girl's name. What I really want to know is this experience consistent with other parlours around Bristol? Are there any good ones out there as of Feb 2016?

Offline Cda1966

Where is the honeypot you went too exactly ?

Offline slavealan75

The Honeypot is in West Street, Bedminster

Online Stiltskin

My rational for doing this is that it is really difficult to get an independent punt at 0200 in the morning.

Don't feel bad, plenty of us have been in that situation, desperate to unload when a parlour is the only option. I'd never dismiss parlours. They can be hit and miss, my success rate is about 50% good punts vs bad.

Offline GoodIdea

I've been to the Honeypot once or twice in my time.  The last time I went (which was almost 3 years ago) it seemed an OK place.  The girl was a student and I had no reason to doubt her.  It was just an OK punt as I recall, but as you say, sometimes it's about getting your end away right that second after the pub and not about booking well in advance.

Offline leahxxxbristol

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Jplus that girl you saw had so many complaints her name Nicole the other girl was Leah me.

Offline TerryTibbs

Jplus that girl you saw had so many complaints her name Nicole the other girl was Leah me.

Hello Leah

So are you still working at the HoneyPot now?

Or are you out of the business?


Terry  :timeout:

Offline ciderhead

Walked in one night on my way home from the pub, even pissed I could tell it was a shit hole and walked back out

Offline Roth

Better sticking to an indie where possible. :thumbsup:

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