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Author Topic: Would you take it up  (Read 2081 times)

In any case - you won't be getting anything and she'll take you for a ride. In the next 6 months I suspect to see a thread here with a punter complaining he loaned her some money she never paid back.
LMFAO but unfortunately it's probably right  :wacko:

Apparently this is "how it's done" with a lot of US punters; they pay for a coffee meet first for 50-70 quid and then after that they can move on to more adult services. Always thought that was weird as I'd much rather just get down to business  :cool:

Offline ramrodronnie

To me it's fucking obvious. She's trying it on, no question. I wonder how many mugs have fallen for her bullshit?
Banning reason: Undesirable

I emailed asking if I was expected to pay ontop of the £60 for the drinks / food etc. or if she was taking care of these expenses for the intial consultation, apparetly the punter gets to pay for drinks etc, (as expected :) ), I replied saying I had my concerns as she was a bit of a big lass I don't think I would be able to have a budget feed her. I await a reply :)

 :lol: :lol: :D #legend

No longer active.

Shame, her USP will be missed. 

Offline NIK

No longer active.

Shame, her USP will be missed.

What a surprise.   :rolleyes:

Stupid cow.  :mad:

No longer active.

Shame, her USP will be missed.
I think she just realized that she was on the wrong website - shoule have been SA - and is thanking her lucky stars that she didn't have a face pic out there!  :D

Offline Pussydoc

Maybe against all odds some clown has took her offer , or maybe a few have, there's got to be a few idiots out there

Oh noooooo, I had hoped to turn her black coffee into a Latte. At her social rates I trust she would swallow without spitting. Another  :wackogirl: bites the dust l, but I feel she will be like a phoenix and a new cappuccino profile will appear soon  :dash:

Offline Rich42

If you notice inbetween her shoulder blades there appears to be a small wad of spunk on her back. Maybe her past punter got so pissed off at the first meeting he decided to blow a load over her back in frustration.


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