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Author Topic: Refused by an Escort - My.Story  (Read 3133 times)

Offline hendrix

What anyone chooses to call a TS escort is completely beside the OP's point. He wanted to see a TS and got shit service- sharing this kind of info to help fellow punters is part of the raison d'être of UKP. If you're not into TS's, why read on? It never ceases to amaze me how certain people who clearly have an issue with transsexuals read threads about them apparently only in order to chime in with their outdated and ignorant views.

Well said. I think many of the critics are, er "undecided" themselves! :sarcastic:

Hi All.

I a new to punting and today I had an experience I'm quite depressed about. So....

Having sex with a ladyboy has been one of my biggest fantasys for as long as I'd had a sexual imagination and today I finally went ahead and booked a session through yummyasianlondon. The girl is question lookswise was my ideal with great reviews to boot.

So she opens the door and immediately becomes very confrontational. As soon as I handed over the money she didn't accept full payment and my spidey senses immediately went up!
Instead she got on her phone and paid no attention to me. Being the guy that I am.I started joking to diffuse the situation which I believe was NOT lost in translation and met by a very bad response.

She continues to talk harshly to me and asks me to go take a shower. When I ask if this is optional she said she deosn't mind actually and I reassure her I had a throughout clean an hour ago and if she feels I need one I will go immediately. At this point I think she's trolling me as she starts to play darude - sandstorm... When I politely ask her to switch it off she freezes and says I'm being too demanding and to go see another girl (am I the customer or her?)

I don't buy the reason she didn't have sex with me as I knew right off the bat something was up. She then spent ten minutes justifying why she couldn't have sex as I put on my clothes. I gave her a hug and said 'take good care of yourself ' (I really meant it because she seemed a bit troubled and I wanted to help her had she opened up to me)

This whole situation has put me off ladyboys entirely and the only reason I can think off she rejected me is 1. Im quite big in weight or 2. I am British /Malay/ Bengali mix and look Mid Eastern and I know Thais look down on us 'brown Asians' (even though they're brown Asians)

I won't be leaving this girl a negative review and want to forget about it...I guess my question is: Have you ever been rejected by an Escort?  Please share your stories.

FFS man, did it nick your money or not?

Name and shame or else you are taking the whole agency, which you have named, down with him.

A review would be really useful, regardless of being a he or a she, ts or gg, I'd rather make a judgement myself based on feedback. Do it on here or auto-censored, quite understand if u do it on one only to keep any anonymity ( separate usernames is a good idea..)

Complain to Yummy... plenty have before with varying results...

TS are no different from GGs, look for positive reviewed girls.. One big difference in my meagre experiences, if your not into being fucked, make it clear as early as possible in the meet! Generally the hung ones are tops...

They are definitely a little more temperamental than GGs, fewer of them (passable ones) so can take the piss and survive and hormones are a little bit mad... but other than that, great fun... Don't be put off.. btw I'm white/fat/bald/old... gr8 combination ;)

Presumably shit service is all you can hope for if the sp has no fanny
I would suggest that is very much dependent on what the OP was seeking.
May not be your cup of ambrosia Fred but that's life.
Or is that an ironic play on the faecal word? :D

Offline Sonny Crockett

Not in person, but outside of the meets in a snidey way have I been rejected by WGs. I would do a review of this as the bitch's behaviour was just unacceptable. Who cares what she/he thinks as she/he treated you like shit.
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Offline fredpunter

I would suggest that is very much dependent on what the OP was seeking.
May not be your cup of ambrosia Fred but that's life.
Or is that an ironic play on the faecal word? :D

Yes, was an attempt at humour

Offline Bigboy69

Hi guys. After much encouragement I have decided to leave feedback under the review section https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=87780.msg1074788#msg1074788 and as some have said...FEEL A LOT BETTER by doing it! Also thanks for the laughs  :D

Well done for posting that negative review!  :hi:

Offline MrMatrix

You know it makes sense, well done :hi:

Offline coolguy1990

Can people stop referring to the ladyboy as a she  :timeout:

I think you'll find that "he/she/boy/man/woman-thing" is the politically correct term.
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