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Author Topic: What's Wrong with this picture?  (Read 579 times)


Look at the 1st pic in the gallery "Jan 18th 2016".
Look at the full size picture.

Now look just below the breasts (if you can manage that guys)...

WTF? Is this bad photoshopping or a bad angle or what the hell is sticking out of her? Is this a shot out of the ALIEN movie? Is that a chestburster?

Or do I need to lay off the whiskey in the evenings.....


Offline EnglishRebecca121

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i think she may have some middle fat that has been photshopped

look at the pic white lace and the pic next next to it has the same kind of weird upper tummy photoshop going on , you can see she is breathing in , in all of the pics.

the 1 pic which really gives it away is heart taken away pic if you look she no longer has a belly button due to photoshop.

Thought it was just me for while there!

Offline PaintBrush

And all that for the bargin price, with all the extras, at £140 hr  :yahoo: 

No Thanks  :scare:

Offline berksboy

She says she is Dress Size:    8 !  Yep going on 12 more like .

Offline dubs

Looks like she has lost a lot of weight.  On the White Lace pic she has massive upper thighs and all the other pics have been badly 'shopped/blurred.

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