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Author Topic: Wet warm and willing - Northfleet  (Read 672 times)

Hi guys. Has anyone seen
https://www.adultwork.com/3268253 or https://www.adultwork.com/wet+warm+and+willing

I had a booking for her as i like what she has to offer but it fell through. Wondering on the service provided if i should bother trying again

Offline Pinwheel

Your not going to know if you don't try !!!
Banning reason: White knight

Did you go for it in the end? She was on my HL years ago when she was on there before.

Not yet. I had a booking by text but she never replied to me when i arrived. Was waiting around for 20 minutes then text her that she wasted my time and I'm off. Got a text back saying that she hadn't seen my texts and i could see her in half an hour. I was already half way home so no chance

If i had just phoned maybe it would have worked out ok. Or maybe she would have text me that her volume button is broken or whatever.

I will try again at some point as what she has to offer is pretty damn good and all comms prior to the failed meet were fine. I'll try to make another booking at some point and will do a review. If anyone else sees her first let me know

Cheers ppp
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