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Author Topic: Scarlett FBSM Birmingham  (Read 1233 times)

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First time visit to Scarlett the other night, after working 7 days solid i was knackered , aching , run down in the need of a relaxing massage and b2b.

Scarlett on her advert states shes only works till 7pm but fair play she saw me at 7.30pm, her appt is very easy to find on Bath Row, next to Tesco, car parking on main road, no issues getting buzzed in.

Scarlett is stunning, she greeted me in a black dress and high heels, she has beautiful face, shes tiny prob around 5ft2, very slim , nice arse , nice trimmed pussy from the very glances i was able to take and small boobs, everything is in proportion, she does have a bit of a Chinese look about her, so not your typical thai look.

What i liked most about her was she is so friendly, her English is very good and while she was massaging me we had a laugh and a good chat, i would say her age is late 20s.

So why the neutral score?

Bed wasnt the most comfortable, single mattress thrown on top of double bed.
I didnt feel as relaxed in the room as the main light was on.
No  foot massage with warm water, i got a wet wipe.
After telling her i had a few aches and pains and needed a good massage I got a fairly light massage all the way through.
B2B was fairly light, couldnt hardly feel her boobs and she wasnt sliding up and down me just circular movements just on my back.
No head massage
Left to shower on my own - she could have at least rinsed my back.
She was always hiding her pussy, not trying to be a perv but she got in some funny positions so that I dont get a glimpse.

What went well:
HE was impressive, Scarlett massaged by balls and slowly worked her way up before going at full speed.
She put my hand on her tits to feel as she was wanking me off. Her boobs were nice to feel.
Friendly chit chat all the way through.

I wasnt expecting a full on experience like Jane provides or the extras from Sammy but I felt something was missing, i cant help but think if i saw Jane or Sammy I would have enjoyed myself a lot more for the same price.

I know Scarlett has plenty of fans but she didnt do it for me in all honesty, would i see again? Maybe if i wanted a more than your usual convo , a fairly light massage and a HE with a beautiful / friendly woman, the b2b was a waste.

Scarlett told me she is going on her hols early March back to Thailand for 5 weeks.

Offline normski

Cheers for the review. Btw, that is as much as all on here have got service wise from Scarlett. Check your PMs in 5mins.

Offline Knny

Not wanting to scare or joke, but she may be post op given her shyness to show her twat.  There are/were some like that at kinnaree and ninsuwan in Leicester.  (Also taniathai).  I'm not too bothered mostly if they give good service.

I ddint get that impression she is post op, Scarlett has natural tits or at least they felt natural, i havent come across any post ops so got no one to compare to but Scarlett looked as much a woman as a woman can look!

Offline Dodo

Yes, she is 100% woman.......I have never touched the holy grail but have had a nice eyeful and if what she used to have there was a dick then I'm a virgin  :(
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