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Author Topic: Emma of escortsofhertfordshire.com  (Read 1178 times)

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Offline Oggytoo

First things first, and it might sound odd that this lady gets a positive review, but I'm no where near convinced this is the lady in the photos (http://escortsofhertfordshire.com/emma.phtml).

So why a positive review? Because i can blame the agency for that rather than the girl.  Emma herself was just my type.  Young, enthusiastic (yes that rare combination) and with a massive pair.  It was the enthusiastic DFK that really got me going, along with her really getting into RO (with no complaints about fingers inserted etc).  At £120 for an outcall (she came to my hotel in London), she was a top drawer  purchase and I will definitely try to see her again.  Oral was covered by the way, for the owo fans out there, but I can take it or leave it myself.

The only worry is that if I ring them and ask for Emma, I reckon there is a decent chance someone else will turn up.

Offline Steve2

If the same lady doesn't turn up, send her away. Simples

Offline Jimmyredcab

Any agency that cuts the heads off in the gallery should be treated with caution. They can just send you any girl that is available, you would be none the wiser. It's a 100% no from me.  :thumbsdown:

The photos on that website are inconsistent. All probably nicked from a variety of websites.

Not an outfit I would ever use.

Offline Oggytoo

I sort of dont agree on the cutting the heads off of pictures point.  Over the years I have seen munters that look nothing like their pictures, but just as many stunners too (either they just take a rubbish picture or don't want to advertise themselves).  It means I take all photos with a pinch of salt anyway so don't really care if they look doctored or fake.

No doubt this was a swap, but I have standing at my door a fit young lady who was friendly and enthusiastic.  Why would I send her away?

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