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Author Topic: Has anyone met EmmaXclusive?  (Read 1373 times)

Offline Danj89

Profile looks good but I think she is part of the exclusive girlfriends group. I have seen one of their girls and had a good experience. Reviews for the group are mixed and none of Emma so far. See more info on the link below.


She is indeed part of the "exclusive" stable. Trades under the name of Amy.
No personal experience but I think punters are paying a good proportion of the fee towards venue costs. They have had some stately piles.
I'll leave it to you more savvy guys to do the maths but generally if the lady is not getting the fair whack and so a production line develops to do the turnover, then it can become a bit supermarket.
Just my take on it though from what I've read.

Offline webpunter

Just did a search on here.  The pics on the exclusive website don't all tie in with AW.  Plenty more fish...  UKP at its finest

She is indeed part of the "exclusive" stable. Trades under the name of Amy.

Yes she goes under the name of Amy http://www.exclusivegirlfriends.co.uk/surrey_escorts/_AMY_516.html.

Pics are accurate on exclusive girlfriends site, seen her a number of times over the last few years. She's got one of the best bodies I've had experience with, petite, firm arse, amazing pert tits. Facially though about a 6/7 out of 10. Great sloppy OWO and good cowgirl because of the body and tits. I'd say my only negative is she doesn't seem to like a pounding! I remember her being quite wary when I saw her the first couple of times, but once she gets to know you she thaws a bit! She's not English though as stated on AW.

She also works at Independent babes in Slough http://independentbabes.co.uk/claudia/claudia.htm

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