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Author Topic: Berlin Annie Porsche (flat rate club )  (Read 1174 times)

Offline oring123

So hard to find took hours ! No sign outside at All !!
U7 blue subway to
Gneisenaustra be
Come out of staition if you see chicken shack stall on
Your left its the correct exit
Turn right cross road
Your are on gneisenaustra street
6 houses to your right you see black casio signs
Walk to door number 89
Its a brown wooden door entrance to numner 89
Look to right of door there is a key press intercom
Look to bottom left bottom corner buttion
It  says Porsche on it
Ring buzzer door will be opened
Walk three step forward and then turn right up 10 stairs
The door has annie porsche on it on lable 1000mm high
In red door will be unlocking/opening for you
Go in .
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Offline oring123

This club normaly open 11am to 11 pm cost 78 euros
Normaly 2 girls working sometimes 3
They do a rota of so many hours them change over
Annie porsche has many reviews on this site .
It was good for me
However do not go here as your first taste of a club
The watchers always numbered at least 7
You have to grab/ pick/ dibbs your girl
Or you will not get the fun you went there for
Read the reviews and see if it is for you !!
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Offline oring123

 a up date  as there last week
price now 88 euro normal day
98 euro mega girl party monday  once a month
shut sundays
there are a few new girls now
a great german girl bit like that german girl on the old top gear great boobs and body
some new turks and    Moldovans
more punters on this party day more girls also but
i wouldn't recommend it as ratios punters /girls worse

Romania is granting Moldovans Romanian passports that are valid for travel all over the EU, so you may well have met a few more already posing as Romanians...



Anni Porsche is more of a party scene. There were 11 girls there during my time, working on a rolling shift pattern of 2 hours each with 3 girls there at all times from 2-11pm. Some girls will be more to your taste than others, but if you want to fully indulge, you may need to take some rough with the smooth. All the activities on the day I was there, happened on the same bed (well 3/4 double beds thrown together), so if you do not mind public shagging, this could be for you. At one time, there were 3 girls and 6 guys on the bed   . Oral was predominantly OWO. Buffet food (sausages, open sandwiches, Berlin pretzels, snacks) and beer included. I understand you can dip out and come back in as you wish. Not that I did.   

http://www.anni-porsche.de/ - click on Party-Termine for upcoming schedule.

Location: 50m walk from Gneisenaustr. U Bahn station on to street of the same name.

Party was advertised as 12 girls from 11am – 11pm for an all in price (including reasonable buffet, soft drinks and alcohol) of Eur 98       .  Additional Eur 2 (returnable) required for a locker.

I got there around 1.15pm and was greeted by a lady who I assumed to be Anni. She appeared very much in control and clearly explained to me the nature of the venue in very good English.

After showering, I made myself into the main room to the right of the main action area and bar. At this point it became clear there was 3 lady on duty (Ayse – not the best looking) and she was riding a guy cowgirl as I sat on the sofa where 2 other guys were waiting. I assumed they were German, as both wore socks and shower sandals   . We all remained quiet, so I sat on the sofa watching the still images on the screen of football, . At this point, I was seriously questioning why I had paid a EUR 15 surcharge to the hotel for an early check in, and how long I might last here,
Anyway Ayse finished with her client, showered and came into the room. It was at this point I realised that one of the German’s had disappeared and the other had taken tactical advantage of the buffet!    It appeared I was in ‘the chair’, Ayse was on the sofa next to me, and my cock was betraying my brain by proudly soaring! Blast, that fucking pill was working   ! Ayse didn’t help by playing with my balls and cock and as I quickly deviated and fondled her rather nice breasts and nipples, I knew I was on the point of no return. I was about to TOFTT   .

Ayse started with some OWO, offering her own pussy potentially for RO, but I really wasn’t feeling the urge, so I allowed her to continue. She then clambered on to my cock for some CG and to be fair to her, she was rather good, teasing me by stopping now and then, to the point where I thought I better flip her over, and fuck her good and proper, which is what I did.

It was funny hearing and seeing Ayse talk and gesture to the next girl (Yesim)  turk about our time together and the fact that I was very happy when I came and finished. I think we both had a shared understanding of how relieved I was   . Lovely fun friendly girl, just not my normal type.

But Yesim was! Turkish looking, but Bulgarian I understand. Good fun, good looking with a cracking body. Unfortunately I had to wait towards the end of her first session for her (1 hour) and having given her 10 minutes or so of RO, which she seemed to appreciate, she said she needed 5 minutes. Unfortunately her time was up for now, but she did return 5……hours later, where we indulged in some lovely 69, before I said “I really need to fuck you now” and she teasingly twisted my words to “you really need to fwuck me now, you really need to fack me now etc., do you ?”.  She got what she deserved in mish, as she locked her ankles around me. Lovely girl, very nice experience.   

Inbetween my encounter with Ayse and Yesim, I took a fancy to Begum. Although very skinny, she had a cracking face and looked uber sexy arriving in her red leather jacket. Unfortunately her services were very tame. Limited OWO. More hand job than OWO, and as she got attention from another fella, I decided to give her some RO in the hope of warming her up, but fucking her later in mish, as she held the base of the condom and kept her legs up to her chest was a pretty dispiriting experience, and I barely lasted 3 minutes   .  Turkish, I was told by another girl.   

Tina was next to arrive. Another not to my tastes initially (she was blonde rather than brunette as in some of her pics on the site). A German MILF with lots of tats and a Texan drool, which I mistook as Australian to begin with, such was the nature of her rhetorical sounding questions   . She didn’t ingratiate herself to me to begin with. She asked me where I came from, and I said England, to which she said “horrible accent” (“to understand” she clarified later). She also asked all the guys “who wants a fuck then ?” and no one moved, which didn’t seem to help her mood. After half hour, she seemed to mellow a bit, as her MILF in arms Maike arrived, and she spoke of her legendary blow job skills. Now she had my attention  !  So we had a little chat about her interesting life, her Depeche Mode tat, Linkin Park etc., before I asked her for a blowjob then. She was very good to be fair, but 2 other guys now wanted to join us, so I offered to give her some RO, as the 2 guys played with her tits. After about 5 minutes I had her wet and moaning and because she had the attention of the other 2 guys, she wasn’t going anywhere, so I teased her rotten, before she finally shuddered and screamed   . I couldn’t resist saying “so my accent might be bad, but maybe my tongue has other uses ?”. She rather delightfully said “Fuck me, I seriously wasn’t expecting that! Thank you!   ” Finished by fucking her in mish and pounding her in doggy, as her arse wobbled rather nicely.

Having spent a fair bit of time with Tina, I missed out somewhat on Maike. Another MILF, with a cracking body, if not the best of faces, and a rather dodgy perm. A great service provider to all guys though, from when I looked on. She gave me some lovely OWO, after I had given her some RO, which she murmured nicely to. She then clambered aboard for some nice riding in CG. Unfortunately I was tiring a little and could not enjoy her fully. Another time definitely.

By now Karla had arrived and I was very excited   ! She reminded me of a certain someone (slightly tubbier it has to be said) and not just with her looks. She had a very cheeky smile and pair of eyes. We exchanged 2 or 3 knowing glances. I thought I better have a shower to completely freshen up for her, and as I returned, I caught her eye looking through the railings on to the orgy in front of me. I indicated to her that I was coming to see her right now   ! She gave me every encouragement   ! She was giving someone OWO, so I decided to give her some RO, which she loved and she came delightfully. I then had an outstanding edging fuck with her in mish and doggy for 10 minutes or more and I’m sure she came again in doggy, although I couldn’t quite. After another shower, I returned to give her some more RO and she came again. Wickedly exciting girl, completely my type   . Bulgarian I understand.   

The last 90 minutes I spent indulging in some RO and doggy to completion with Maja, who was really sweet (minus the armpit hair in her pics) and giving, I think, although I am not sure, Marianne who was listed, and certainly had a very fluffy pussy, some RO. I was sadly too shagged out to manage any more fucking by now.   


All in all, a completely outstanding VFM party experience.
All the guys were friendly and I had a great chat with 3 or 4 Germans and a French guy, while enjoying some beer.
I didn’t expect to stay 10 hours, but as better girls arrived, I thought I would get my money's worth. For a pro-rata rate  hour, I think I managed that         


Just the one shower.
Fairly basic surroundings, but you can’t argue at this price.
I wish they had a different bell sound for guys arriving and girls arriving! Nothing worse than hoping a stunner was about to arrive, only to realise it was another guy.
As with other party experiences YMMV.


You may have to take a bit of the rough with the smooth, but first impressions of looks are not always the best indicators of service or potential chemistry. Sometimes, you just have to get stuck in!
Fairly limited OWO (less than LMP/TPC)
no kissing  just have to fuck whats there
some poor but good service monaca
so great but poor service the brazilian celeia
some fun  the 20 yr old girls
some shit attitude  tina
some great all round dannie
the tall german with great boobs
only  one big towel per punter as you put it done some one nicks it !
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Offline Steve2

Nice review mate. On Thursday Tina had changed back to having red hair and had good attitude. a change from last time I was there

Offline oring123

 i just remembered on thier web site photos of some of the girls you may see their
monica 11am-2pm
dannie  2pm -5pm
tinia 5pm to 8 pm
jap chinese  lady  8pm -11pm
cealia  braisian  gold teeth  8pm-11pm
not set in stone but a good guess

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sounds like fun!

I intend to try it this summer!

Offline Jerboa

sounds like fun!

I intend to try it this summer!

Good call Peter, also a trip to Insomnia would be a great plan.

Offline adindas

the tall german with great boobs
only  one big towel per punter as you put it done some one nicks it !

I know Kim Tall but also quite heavy weight german is not party there anymore.
So who is the tall German, is it Trixy ?

Offline oring123

not sure but great body  a taller tinia minus  15/20 years
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Offline Steve2

I know Kim Tall but also quite heavy weight german is not party there anymore.
So who is the tall German, is it Trixy ?

No Trixy is a very skinny and very naughty Romanian with long blonde hair. A bit taller version of  Begum and tattooed

Not a clue of the tall Germans name but a very good girl
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