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Author Topic: Blondee barby hounslow  (Read 638 times)

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This is my first review.been punting for many a year thou.went to see blondee barby today early afternoon.
Girl in the pics,quite attractive and slutty looking.just my type.nice ass and boobs.size 12ish i would say not as slim as she said in her profile.not a problem for me thou i might add.
Anyway the comms were good.called late notice and arranged a meet within half hour as i was in the area and needed a release.she text postcode straight away so i headed off.
Txt to say i had arrive and got a reply within afew mins with flat no.
Room small but a double bed in good order and tidy. Sorted out money e.t.c and she left the room asking me to get naked.60 quid for the hour.
She returned and got the wipes and condoms ready as i lay on my front waiting for her.she stripped and started to massage me asking if i was ok.quite abrupt but not in a bad way.its her way of getting approval id say.i said yes im good thanks im enjoying your touch.
After 5 mins or so she asks me to turnover.im hard and horny.she says.....with or without.oral that is....i say without.she sucks me for a minuite or so and says do you want sex now! I thought is that it......so rather than say what i thought i turned towards her and kissed her neck and fondled her ass and boobs.nice and firm and tight. she seemed to like it until she said dont touch my nipples or suck them.dont get me wrong i hate my nipples being touched but how do you avoid gropping breasts without some kind of nipple contact.strange.
Anyway i said can i go down on you "is that ok with you"she said yes id like that.she had a great looking shaved pussy and i was down there like a shot.
Aw my god she tasted great and she got really wet and started to move and rotate her hips as i licked her.she came pulling my face into her pussy.she loved it as much as i did.
She then cleaned herself up and got back on the bed.
My cock so hard.she went down on me bigtime.i popped within afew mins.no cim though.shot over myself.didnt pay for cim though so not a problem.
We lay chatting for awhile about all sorts.she seemed really nice with a gsoh.
the only thing that brings me to a middle range rating is she could have been more full on.dfk and quicker with the service.i didnt get to fuck her holes.would have enjoyed doggie and looking at her great ass.
Would i see her again? Yes ! Really liked her.
I would take more control next time though.speed things up.get more for my money.tbh though for 60 quid its not too bad is it ?   

2 review(s) found for Cutie Patricia linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Fact

i think shes been arund for some time now - I also suspect I might have walked when she was staying at a grotty lodge in Feltham.
as long as you enjoyed, then money well spent. maybe set her some role play, so you get to pace and enjoy all your desires before popping.
good punting

Yes,good idea.maybe ill try roleplay next time.cheers for that

2 review(s) found for Cutie Patricia linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 0 negative)
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