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Author Topic: 'Very large' boobs  (Read 1292 times)

Offline malenko

Hey guys, im coming to london in a few weeks, and after having a break from punting I want to take advantage of my trip to see what London has to offer. Searched through the first few pages here but couldn't see a thread that I'm looking for, really large fake boobs on a barbie, doesn't have to be blonde. Natural is OK too but im looking for a girl with at least a G cup and no more than size 12. My budget is a max at £200 for an hour - if the girl is out of this world maybe that for a half hour.

Any suggestions, cheers guys  :hi:

Offline Corey302

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Victoria at Max's 34G, incognito so can't post link, gorgeous, young, big fake tits £250 full service

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