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Author Topic: Sophie Erotic - Willesden Green, London  (Read 906 times)

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So following on from my Chinese massage shop failure the other day and feeling in a punting mood, I decided to go Romanian roulette and book an AW lady from my local area. So here goes.

Perusing the AW search for girls in the Brent area available today, I found a nice looking profile - no reviews, but i thought i'd TOFTT with a minimum risk £40 15min slot with Sophie Erotic. She also offers 30mins @ £60, £70 for anal too or £90 for the hour.

https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=3367679 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sophie+Erotic

The pictures on her profile look decent, home made photos, yet they show a fit looking, lithe bodied blonde girl, typical of Romanian stock. Looks around early to mid 20s. Unfortunately her face isn't shown (at this time) on her profile, but she's verified. Neither does she respond to email requests for a verification pic...at least not for me.

I text her and asked if she was available today and for her postcode. She was very quick. Good comms. Nice start!!

She's literally a stones throw from mine, at the back of Willesden High Road on a quiet side street, right out of the way. Nice and discreet. Just how I like it.

I turned up at the door and a very Romanian looking, 30 something dark skinned woman opens the door. I walked in, place looked small but fairly clean and tidy. Another younger lady, quite moody looking, is sat on the sofa and I greet them both properly and asked which one was Sophie. I had a gut feeling the older blonde woman was indeed 'Sophie' and she did not look as I expected. She nodded when I asked. Ok....hmm basically it was a B&S situation going here. Not sure who the other girl was, but she was darker/shorter haired and didn't match the profile pics either.

I decided to go through with the punt. Got my 'fuck it' attitude on this week.  :sarcastic:

Sophie, whilst not up to the vision I saw on AW - her body was quite fit, curvy but not fat, even if her face wasn't great. Not that she was completely ugly, just not a stunner. She seemed friendly enough though, so that hedged the bet a little. She also had a distinguishing large brown spherical mole on the small of her back - again not matching the profile pic.

So, I went into the very small bedroom, it was warm and clean at least. I got undressed and handed her £40 for the 15mins, this included OWO, but not to CIM or swallow - even though it says she does on the profile likes.

She took off her bottoms and panties, but not her top/bra and climbed onto the bed, wet wipes at the ready and asked me to lie down. The bed was a simple but comfortable divan, with a cover-less duvet on top, no pillow, which was annoying. She got between my legs, pulled back my foreskin,wiped my cock and began to nosh. Was ok for the first few seconds, but this is where it went downhill - as she got into it, she became rough which was sort of ok, but geez it suddenly got toothy! Whoa. She sighed when i asked her to be gentler and asked 'No teeth please!'. Why do women do this? ffs. Suddenly, I could feel my Johnson deflate, and she squeezed the life outta me to try keep me erect, but I was losing my chub and rag very quickly. Have I really become that fluffy? Ok, i said 'I wanna fuck you now, please'. She nodded and got the condom out, and slapped it over my end. She bent over the bed and I fucked her till I came. Quick n simple and done within the 15. I emptied the sacks at least.

She did have a nice ass, but she had zero sensuality and made no attempt to pleasure me - I shouldn't be surprised considering the cost, but hey I wanted to take a gamble. It didn't pay off this time.

Her friend, while moody - might be worth another £40 pop. I'll see how I feel tomorrow and let you guys know.

On principle, I should've walked straight away, but I guess, No retreat, No surrender lol.



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1 review(s) found for Amalia BlondeLove linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline The_Don

On principle, I should've walked straight away, but I guess, No retreat, No surrender lol.

Some times its better, to walk away and save it, for another day!


Martok: We will not surrender!!

Worf: Kahless himself said "Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory."

Sisko: To stand down or come in firing.

Gowron: And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.

Full version

Just to let anybody who reads this post know that this booking was technically a bait & switch, and the lady in the link below, was the one I saw during the booking and not Sophie Erotic. This lady's name is actually Jessica. This is definitely her, identified by the large mole on her back.

https://www.adultwork.com/3371010 or https://www.adultwork.com/Jessica+SweetXX

It's possible Sophie was the other 'moody' girl I alluded to in my OP, but she didn't introduce herself when I asked for Sophie. In fact, 'Jessica' said she was 'Sophie' and was the lady answering my texts.

Offline 7iron

She is in Glasgow now. Reading between the lines after looking at the profile pics this is B&S  :D

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