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I visited this girl a few weeks ago but never got round to a review .
Noticed a couple of posts regarding her so here it is , a few details are a bit sketchy mind you , it was a while ago .
Flat is in Kinning Park , just off the Paisley Road .
She is the girl in the pictures , looks a bit older in the flesh , hard to say but i'd guess early thirties .
Romanian , obviously , but very friendly and greeted me with a big smile and introduced herself .
Money out of the way ( £70 hh ) and she went out the room till i got undressed .
She is very petite and has a lovely little arse , fake tits which aren't my thing so i wasn't paying them much attention .
Little bit of kissing and fondling , no fk .
Moved onto owo which again wasn't brilliant , not nearly deep enough and very brief before she wanted to put the condom on .
At this point it wasn't looking like a certain negative , but i slowed her down a bit and asked her for 69  and she put her lovely pussy right on my face . very nice clean pussy and arse and i had a good lick of both .
Moved onto the shagging and this is where she came into her own , shes very flexible and i had her in loads of positions , her legs round my neck , her squatting on me and doggy with me playing with her arse . At one point she had her feet on my chest as i was pumping her , really sexy , and i popped her toes in my mouth ( very pretty little feet and the first time i've ever sucked a girls toes ) . TAZMAN?  :lol:
Finished with her squatting on my face and wanking me off . Squeezed every drop out of me and commended me on my "good cream "  :lol:
Overall it's a positive because of the great shagging and enthusiasm , but the oral an kissing let it down a little .
Worth a visit i'd say .

12 review(s) found for Anais1 linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 4 negative)

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