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Author Topic: ExplosiveLINA - Colombian babe Walthamstow  (Read 2491 times)

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here's a girl I had a punt with a few months back.
She works from a house in Walthamstow, near the Fire Station on Higham Hill Road (off Forest Rd) with another 3 or 4 Latin American girls.
The profiles state 'Spanish' but though Lina, and others look Spanish - they;re actually Colombian of Spanish descent (by their features).

I called to confirm service, and was given a post code.
Upon arrival, I called again and was given a door number.
Upon entering I was greeted by a sexy full figured Latina, who took me to a room - she was friendly and sexy - and then Lina arrived. Dressed in sexy black lingeries, silky black hold ups too - her body is as you see in the pictures, fit, toned size 8 with beautiful D cup silicon tits, firm fit arse - I had in instant boner.
She has nice hair, and a pretty face with pretty dark eyes, and full lips.
Her hands and feet are manicured/pedicured and altogether she is a fit, sexy and pretty girl with nice dark hair and eyes.
She speak some English, and Spanish - I speak Spanish too so had a great time chatting to her.
Had a great hour - with some kissing, mainly lips but some french - lots of me eating her beautiful muff pie, licking her arsehole out sucking her toes, she gives a good foot job with those pretty feet.
She gives Oral without, and her technique was good!
Sex was Great - that lithe body gyrates like a snake. and those breasts! Ahhhh!!!!
I'm a man who LOVES silicon tits, pert well done tits are fucking brilliant to stare at, lick, suck and play with - the slutty reason why they have them done is another added turn on - and Lina's tits are great!
Loved them!

Anyway, I remember i popped twice, I forgot how and when, but I walked out happy , great girl, great personality too (really!) sexy, and smooth beautiful skin.
Was it the best punt ever? No - she was very good, but not enough of a fucking dirty nasty slut - she was smooth, sexy, and good vanilla punt - and her tits are still ingrained in my mind...

NB. Room was good, shower towels etc all good.

The other girls:


https://www.adultwork.com/3331749  VALENTINA-_- - this one seems to offer the most services


https://www.adultwork.com/3245391 (Thai/Spanish)

Would I go back? possibly, for Lina and Valentina - with Lina I'd finish off with some w/s for sure and fuck those tits too.

PS. I remember now, she also gave me a nice massage too - loved it as Latin girls are expert handlers of cock and balls too - the massage morphed from massage to hand job to my nob buried in her throat
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hows the parking there ?

Well, I was there late so was able to park on a side road. Otherwise, parking is shit.
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Can you tell me the address perhaps private message me and also how much you paid?

Profile is gone. What a shame.

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