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Author Topic: Eveline, Edinburgh & Touring, "EscortScotland". Mcr/Glw  (Read 503 times)

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Offline Roger De Her


So, Yesterday I had a very enjoyable appointment earlier which unfortunately ran out of time, and there I was, on my way home with a serious attack of the Horn .... Like, interference with the wheel type serious!  I found Eveline, available in 15/20 mins at a hotel near Corstorphine/Barnton - very convenient for me. And look at these pics, cracking slim body, boobs prob enhanced, and face blurred, but all the promise of ticking all my boxes.

So booking made(for 19:20) unfortunately, the drive took a spot longer than planned, and I got the warning text that she already had an 8pm booking, so I had a  deadline before arrival. No pressure, eh?

Her comms etc were fine and avoiding reception was no problem. At her room door, 19:33.

Negotiations: H/H£70, owo-must be clean, checked, passed,  69/ Kissing -mouthwash 1st pls, no probs.

Girl: Pics probably are her. Id guess not totally current. She was stunningly presented - face and hair(platinum blonde)- like a Cosmetic Counter Model almost...perhaps not quite so much foundation, but very pretty and really had prepared herself. Body-her Feminine Assets were pretty well bursting to escape from her tight dress (sorta Barbara Windsor in a CarryOnFilm like).... Boobs deffo enhanced looked bigger than in the pics, as did her hips and ass,  VERY CURVY girl, verging on, but not quite too curvy. Frame a size 8, but with those curves, probably stretches her "8" clothing. In contrast to say  =Ryana= tho, she was very Firm and Well Toned!! Probably a wee bit too plastic-ish as opposed to natural for my liking. But acceptable.

Service: Left to control the proceedings, I think Eveline's plan was quick snog, RO with moaning and some dirty talk to firm me up then covered sex, squirt, dress, out door in 20 mins. Alas, this was not to be!
- kissing, She was lookin pretty hot so I went for the DFK snog and GFE grope - too early in our relationship it appears.Light tongue only.
- 69, "without" reasonable, but not mind blowing, and she slowly started to warm to the receiving, but mentally, she was in acting mode I think at this point and tried to persuade me to move to the sex phase a bit early for my liking.... On I think her 3rd attempt, I eventually conceded, and ..
- sex, well she was tellin me she was Horny, and Tight, but spent a bit of time tempting me with Oil(I declined) and then fumbling with the Foil opening. Now I've got a bit of a cynical streak that doesn't like being manipulated too much, and with all this, the wee fella crashed an burned.    Oft in the past if this happened, it marked a change in the ambience of the Punt, and in a way, this time, it did too, but in a good way
- sensing impending disappointment (And perhaps also conscious of her looming next Client), Eveline remembered how successful the RO had been progressing, and suggested we reverted with immediate effect ...... Happy Boy Me!
- 69(2) so off we went again, and her body really started to warm to my silent talking much to my enjoyment, and she got to work with mouth and hands - this was good, and she really went at it, finally finishing me with some frenzied fist flickin - job well done and I had to hold back the smile when she told me she was just off to clean up, grinning at me with my "deposit" all over her lips and teeth! So,  CIM, no swallow,  fine by me!!

- somehow, after that, she was quite chatty and relaxed as we chatted whilst I dressed. ....  Plus some Kisses, Cuddles and Groping!!! Looking to get a hotel nearer the city centre from Tomz, and also has the Weej on her hit list, she does this occasionally to supplement her normal job income, usually based in Manchester(VivaSt she said).

So all in all,  what looked like it was gonna be a mechanical process, and perhaps even a damp squib, was recovered by a committed young Miss who did a fine job and provided a Good Short Notice punt. I would go back for another.

Left, and in car at 20:03, next Client probably had a 10 min delay whilst she showered....sorry if that was U!

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Sounds like that was 27 minutes heading towards a negative and screeching into the finish line with a hand job in her face to turn it green?

Offline Roger De Her

HaHa,  wasn't quite that desperate, but I got the impression she usually just goes thru the motions and it wasn't working for me.  I was impressed that she made an effort rather than just shrugging it off and  seeing the time out.  Customer Service an a that!

Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

Offline Roger De Her

Hmm yes,  coincidentally, exactly the analogy I had in mind!  To compare and contrast:

Negatively:  She doesn't share the "never knowingly undersold" mantra

On a Par: She too has experienced many "partners"

Positively: She did NOT charge for the Bag!

Banning reason: Complaining about thread warning punters about criminal prossie

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