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Author Topic: Lena B2B Hayes - what a crap service  (Read 979 times)

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Offline bungry

Sorry, can't find her on AW anymore although she just created a new profile 2 days ago with lower prices (40 for 30mins, 65 for 1 hour) and more realistic pictures.  If I find the link, or it pops up then I will add it here.  She used to go by "Lena Massesuse" before.

Anyway, needed to unload and with the cheaper price decided to go.  Just needed a good hand job to be honest. 

Texts responded quickly with address although address was for a flower shop in hayes, but I knew the block of flats she worked in from earlier punter reviews.  She sent me the flat number and I went up in the shit hole of a block of flats.  Rubish everywhere in the corridoors etc.... I took 65 pounds thinking if she is good looking I will stay for the hour.

Knocked on her door and she would not open it for a good 2 minutes.  I then went back down and thought I would go back up and try again.  Another 2-3 minutes no answer to my continuous knocks.  Was about to leave and go home and then she opened!  The girl was not really my cup of tea face wise.  Short but seemed to have a decent enough figure.  Not really chatty but entered her flat which was where she lives (all her stuff everywhere), small but sort of clean.  She asked how long and I say 30 minutes and put £25 back in my pocket.  I lay on the massage table with a clean sheet and reminded her that it was B2B.  She said yes and then started to take her top off.  Now this is the awkward bit....she was trying to take her top off but she could not pull it over her belly!  It was embarrassing to watch.  She was physically stuck and she only managed to get it off by breaking her zip.  Ugly sticking out beer belly showed.  Tits were a ugly also.

She started the massage with me laying on my front and spreading oil on my back at the speed like you mop a floor.  This lasted about 5-6 minutes and I though she was just priming me for the B2B but then after that 5-6 minutes she tells me to turn over!  I thought screw it, the main thing I want is a good climax.  She then starts straight on my front with the same oil technique and then starts hand job.  Came after 4-5 minutes but she was holding my dick too hard and her nails were piercing the base of my dick to the point it was hurting and I had to tell her.  When I came she stopped tugging and was concentrating on catching all my cum in her other hand.  Bit of a poor climax.  She went to wash her hands in the sink and then came back and put some paper towels on my dick, hinting to me to clean myself up.  I did and then went to the bathroom which was not great, black mould everywhere.

All in all, £40 for about 12-15 minutes of massage, not once did her body touch mine! 

If I got a good climax for that £40 I might have given it a Neutral, but it was just a pure shit massage and HR.

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