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Author Topic: Naughty and NiceEva, Glasgow  (Read 4089 times)

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Offline DG

A busy day by the look of all the new reviews. Went to see Eva again today; she looks great with her new hair and her body looked incredible in a black lace body with thong at bottom; best ass I've ever seen   :yahoo:

Saw a different, kinkier side to Eva today; which belies her angelic appearance. An absolutely outstanding meet with a top, top girl  :thumbsup: :kissgirl:
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Offline Para124

So it's been at least a year since I met up with the lovely Eva and decided to treat myself this weekend (having failed miserably at finding a mutually agreeable time over the last few weeks).

Still the most jaw-droppingly "fit" girl going on the Glasgow scene...fit is the best word for her as she is a pretty wee creature.

Unfortunately the chemistry just wasn't quite there for us today. Might be down to me being her last client before taking off on holiday tomorrow a few weeks, but didn't get the impression she was clock watching as we chatted away etc. just wasn't clicking.

In advance of meet I asked if she could wear the sexy secretary outfit on her aw gallery and sketched out a very brief role play scenario (I'm not much into role play but thought why not!).

Arrived and was welcomed in with a smile, got paperwork out the way and then just started chatting...role play didn't seem to be on the cards at all (but she did have the uniform on). Some light DFK which let to her laying me down on bed and going to work on my wee man OWO.

I can definitely back all the above statements on her OWO technique, it was incredible and quickly got pop 1 out the road!

We then sat back and chatted for another 20 minutes before round 2...and this is where the chemistry just disappeared. I started by going down on her, but my god was it hard work getting any reaction from her. Not even a fake moan here or there, it was just deathly silent which was really unnerving (and I've had other girls compliment me on my technique so was quite surprised too which made it worse).

After 5 minutes of desperate trying, we moved on to mish...now being a bit on the large side (but then how many working girls tell you that? I keep telling them I don't exactly go around checking how I compare to other erect dicks out in the world to know!) she warned me I'd need to take it easy as she was tight. Wouldn't say she was if I'm honest, but I took it easy as we started in.

Wasn't getting any rhythm going at all (but she was making all the dirty looks and faces that you'd look for in a PSE!), and again wasn't really getting any reaction from her at all...wouldn't call it robotic, just very disconcerting! I suggested she move on top which she said yes to. Again I tried to get a bit of a beat going to proceedings, and she tried...a little...but neither of us were really feeling it I think by this point.

She jumped off me and reverted back to OW and went like a woman possessed. She eventually whipped the bag off saying she hated the taste of plastic and after a good 10 minutes of serious effort she got a 2nd pop out of me  :hi: for the effort there!

Overall I'd say it was a neutral rating for this meet. Don't think its entirely her fault but for £140/hr I'd be after more than OWO if I'm honest and other than hearing about her wee puppy I didn't feel any energy or excitement from her. Shame the role play wasn't stuck to either as that may have overcome all the above!

C'est la vie!  :cry:

Offline PLeisure

Para124 - any reason why you've tacked this on to someone else's review rather than post your own?  :unknown:

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