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Author Topic: Gang of Romanian Pimps  (Read 936 times)

Offline hhmatt

Just a bit of a heads up (guys that know probably are aware of this), but I was planning on seeing an escort (Babydoll Kim) but read on here feedbacks and personally I don't understand something... found two profiles with the same photos, so how is that possible?  Also found different threads with some more same photos but linked to another profile (Amber Isabelle)

Any of you guys on here finding this a challenge, or had the experience of booking a girl via AW or wherever, thinking you'll get the girl you book only to find another girl who either doesn't give a fuck (no pun), or doesn't understand English or doesn't offer what you want (or what they are offering on their 'advert').... :dash: get the feeling that there's a few Romanian syndicates running around with same girl profiles (maybe bordering areas in UK), duping anyone and taking punters cash especially if the girl isn't who she is supposed to be?  :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
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Offline Jimmyredcab

Most of the gents on here are not stupid enough to book Romanians.    :hi: :hi: :hi:

Offline hhmatt

True, that's why I did a bit of research just to be sure, didn't want to get 'fucked over', do hear of occasional bad bookings etc.
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Offline bod666

Ah but their latest cunning wheeze is to steal British girl's profiles and bait & switch with a Romanian skank. Profile has nationality of British but in reality...

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