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Offline droplet


Saw this girl also this weekend. She is better than Ruby that I reviewed also.

To be honest all the reviews about her are spot on. She is pretty hot. Very much wrinkles around her eyes. I dont know it is age or excessive make up. But the rest of the body points to a young girl.

The good thing is that she didn't rush me as some Romanians do. The down side is that it is strictly no kissing. Not even on the cheeks. And she doesnt allow you to play with her tits for long because she claims they are sensitive. After the session she kept on covering her tits with her arms/hands so you can't see/touch/play with them.

If you want to shag a hot girl then go for it. But I wouldn't return.  :drinks:

8 review(s) found for LollyGoldShow linked to in above post (1 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

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