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Author Topic: Amazing=Anna Farnborough  (Read 858 times)

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Very modern large hotel outside Farnborough town centre, very nice place and reasonably discreet entrance, no prying eyes from reception to worry about.


It`s the girl in the pics, very slim borderline skinny, small b cup boobs, long dark hair. Fairly pretty and probably early 20`s, a little acne on her face, not as good as she looks in the pics but not too bad though.


She opened the door wearing just a towel, first impression wasn`t bad but seemed a little brusque, and not quite the stunner that she is in her pics. I asked if she had any uniforms, and the answer was no. I took a quick shower, and when I went back in the room she was naked, so no sexy clothing, or a sexy strip, which I think is part of the fun. I asked if OWO and CIM were ok, and also kissing, yes to all three, much to my surprise.
 I started with kissing, but her breath wasn`t too great, so I gave up on that and started reverse oral, went to slip a finger inside and was told "no fingers!" She was fully shaven and very clean though, but with a terrible tattoo just above her pussy of cats eyes and nose, which was kind of weird to look at during reverse oral. As if it was there to remind you it was a pussy you were eating! There is a pic of it in her gallery for your delectation and delight.
  I may get a tattoo of Simon Cowell`s face above my old chap, and then when I`m being sucked off they will see a cock to remind them what they are sucking.  :P
 She gave no response during reverse oral, so I asked for a BJ, and to be fair it was pretty good, fairly deep and very little use of her hands. I asked if she would lick my balls, "no, I don`t do that" was the answer. That always amazes me, as it`s quite a common reply, what is so off putting about licking our bollocks when they will quite happily suck the old chap and take a mouth full of Harry Monk? But go near your balls? Hell no!  :unknown:  :dash:
 After a good 10 mins or so of oral it was time for the condom and a bit of how`s yer father. Started in mish, then doggy, then cowgirl. She started to move my hand away when I tried to touch her boobs, and whenever I asked for a new position, it seemed to piss her off a little, and was getting borderline stroppy when she told me I needed to come. There was no real interaction or passion whatsoever, just going through the motions.
 I finished with OWO and CIM, and to be fair she took a pretty good load in her mouth, but pulled away while I was still coming saying "too much!", so the rest ended up on her boobs, not too bad a result though. Got dressed in silence, but was wished a "have a good day!" on exit.


 Hmmm, funny old punt really. Not the worst by far, just disappointing. She is young, slim, fit, quite pretty, but just no spark or passion. Curt replies during the event, real lack of interest, but strangely a very good OWO that was a lot better than many others I`ve had, plus willing to kiss and actually does the services she offers, which is sadly all too rare round these parts. But for £70 for half an hour I expect better.
 I guess it`s almost borderline neutral, because I think if you just wanted to bang the fuck out of a slim young fittie, and then spunk in her mouth, you`d have a result, and walk away satisfied. But I like a bit more pampering, and after seeing Mya in Woking recently, who is the polar opposite, it was a let down.
 So for me it`s a negative, for others you may have a better time if you have a different want`s list to me. Caveat emptor.


https://www.adultwork.com/3329237 or https://www.adultwork.com/Amazing%3DAnna
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1 review(s) found for Amazing=Anna linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Huawei

Any chance of a link for Mya? She doesn't appear to be among your reviews.


Offline thekman100


for my review on Mya. Enjoy,

Sounds like a mixed punt Jim, I understand the negative. Pity as she looks rather fit. £70 inc CIM not too bad either even if half delivered!

Been to see Mya twice now and Adelina again. Got a slight confusing attitude from her to begin with but warmed up and had a very enjoyable hour with two pops which is usually an effort but she's floating my boat more as she's getting a bit more intimate with me. :)

Nice to actually have some options locally at last  :drinks:

Thanks for the review, saved me money and disappointment.

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