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Author Topic: Gina (give me 15 more minutes) Diamond  (Read 1062 times)

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Not for the first time I have been given the run around by this girl.

I asked for 8pm and she replied 8:15 would be better. So I say ok and I set out in a text what I would like to happen during our hour. She texts back all good.

When I get there she texts saying can I wait another 15 minutes. I couldn't and I didn't want just half an hour.

Gina is a very sexy lady and in the past I have had a great time with her. However, either she is double booking or is a useless time manager and for either of those reasons I won't return again and it's a big negative from me.

I am extra pissed off because I genuinely had to be somewhere at 9:30. And had no plan B.

8 review(s) found for GINA_DIAMOND_X linked to in above post (5 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline getonit

That title made me chuckle , but sorry you had the run-around there . Sounded like you were a returning punter too so makes it even worse. I have had it myself with a few last minute punts where a time is eventually agreed and you get there just a few minutes before to say you are there and they say hold on 5 or 10 more minutes...I'm like WTF , I think they are surprised you have turned up so need to get ready . Good on you for giving her the black mark this is the one thing about punting that gets on my tits. 

I've saw her a few times as earlier asv2 weeks ago and wasn't impressed last time she looks more curvy but she just came back from holiday and she turned and said as she was sucking me she wasn't really in the mood for work.not impressed but on way out I accidentally smashed her picture frame with my shoulder bag as I was leaving it was quite big and heavy and I caught it with my bag, to be fair she was ok with it as I was leaving lol

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