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Offline jay07

Finally arranged to meet with Melissa again and thought I should share my experience.

Booked half hour
Cost £70
Location: hotel Cardiff East.

I contacted Melissa on the day and asked if she was available to meet.  She replied back fairly quickly which was good as I could plan ahead.

Made my way to the location which has plenty of parking and is safe a secure.  The car park was very quite and I quickly made my way to the room.  I've seen Melissa before and on occasions had issues with communications,  however on this time around there where no issues at all and everything was smooth.

Entered the room and settled paperwork.  Have to say she must of been extremely horney as the DFK started straight away.  The kissing was deep and very good,  probably the best I've experienced for a while. Then straight onto OWO and ohy God,  I'm not the biggest fella but she took it all down. 

The level of Spit was ideal and I could of shot my load right there.  This was followed by rubber Johnny and Melissa gripped my old boy and started to rub her clit. This went on for what seemed like a few second and she squirted.

I was slightly taken back,  as it was my first experiencing of squirting.  I have to say it's a turn on.  On to multiple positions and really wanted to finish her her breasts,  but didn't last that long.

Amazing time with a sexy MILF and am already considering visiting again.

7 review(s) found for MoorishMelissa linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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