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Author Topic: Chikan  (Read 507 times)

Offline davidev

Have just returned from an extended stay in Japan where I enjoyed a number of role play/consensual Chikan encounters, mainly in private but occasionally in public.

Having gained a taste for this, I've been looking to see whether any escorts offer similar services back here in the UK, but can't seem to find any.  Can anyone point me in the direction of any such service providers?

I have no idea what that is, so I typed it into google and it says:

Quote from: google
noun: chikan

    (in South Asia) a type of hand embroidery using cutwork and shadow work.

Are you sure you're on the right website?  :P

Offline Donnie69


I think I smell a troll, who posts about groping women in public on a 1st post?

Offline aniz

what on earth is a chikan? or is it chicken..?this is very creepy.
Banning reason: Posting bollocks to try gain access to Off-Topic

Offline aniz

Banning reason: Posting bollocks to try gain access to Off-Topic

As long as it’s consensual, whatever flicks your switch? But it’s all a bit fucking strange & creepy if I’m honest 

In public you would have to be careful, due to various public indecency laws/ acts, if you get caught, mister plod might not be too amused

Also members of the public might get offended; especially if minors are nearby & you start getting your “bits” out, it might even get violent, It could turn bad quite quickly,

It’s not like we’re talking about giving a WG or civvies a shag/groping in an isolated layby or field 

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