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Author Topic: She was my reserve choice as a pregnant WG offering OWO, but still impressed me.  (Read 1242 times)

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Location for meeting Weston-super-Blonde https://www.adultwork.com/1085235
A fairly nice and large hotel in Kensington (Holiday in Kensington Forum) which seemed to be cabincrew central so there was certainly alot of eye candy about as I waited for my booked WG to arrive to meet me for the booking. Only downside was that the room had twin beds which really wasn't great. For that reason I have to mark down this location.
More thought needed!
She met me in the bar/restaurant area and wasn't late which was a good start. She was staying at the hotel anyway which saved me the cost of the room. Pretty girl, nicely dressed as we chatted over a bit of grub before heading up to the room. To be honest although she was looking that pregnant once she took her coat off. Her bump wasn't massive so it wasn't as obvious as I would have liked. Nice blue eyes although unlike her profile photos I have to say that she was a little worn around the eyes so would put her in her early 30s rather than late 20s as her profile states. Also apart from the slight bump no real noticeable curves as we sat and ate which made me wonder whether she had a good figure or was just stick thin with a  bit of a preg belly.
No sign of the engagement ring that she waffles on about on her blog either but I suppose that she is quite sensible to leave it at home whilst punting herself out incase she meets the wrong kind of punter.
Easy to chat to, but not over chatty. And I liked that I didn't feel like I was sat having dinner with a girl that I'd hired for the night. She did bang on about her RULES from her blog. To be honest I'd only read the headlines of her waffle and seen a photo of her engagement ring. WGs need to understand that us punters don't have all day to sit and read their life waffle. So I just asked her to give me the short version of what she was happy to do in the bedroom which was the same as the booking online.
She had manners and was clearly comfortable with herself and what she was doing. Laid back in the bedroom too, no obvious nerves.
OWO and a few other bits not worth mentioning
About the meeting
This was my first punt in nearly 9 nine years so I was a little rusty about how it all worked, but she had no problem with that. Once in the room, I showered at her request and paid her the fee that we'd agreed.
Room was messy though with work clothes strewn on the floor.
She was waiting for me on the bed as I showered and looked pretty good to be fair. She had stripped off and was wearing just a suzzy belt and hold ups. I liked the fact that she'd already taken her bra and knickers off but asked her to put her heels on, but they weren't on for long. Her pussy hair was shaped into a neat dark blonde landing strip which looked better than her shaven puss look that she has on her profile pictures. Apart from the strip she was shaven smooth, no annoying stubbly bits. Two non-chavvy tatts small though one on shoulder and one on lower belly.
Her tits looked great and were a surprise after giving nothing away while she was clothed at the bar. Not huge but definitely a preggars handful. We had a bit of a kiss and she smelt clean and unperfumed. With me naked she then sort of wrapped herself around me as I sat on the bed and began to deliver OWO. Her bump looked bigger with her curled around me like a cat her oral skills were of a pretty decent level. As she sucked me I moved my hand to give her a bit of finger fun which she had to problem with.
The position of me sat down wasn't really working for me after a while so I stood up and told her to kneel on the bed and continue with OWO. There was a mirror behind her and I had a pretty good view of her arse and puss as she gobbled on me.
It didn't take much more for me to CIM and she swallowed but then went to the bathroom pretty quickly so I'm not sure if she did drink it down or not.
After than we chatted and fumbled around for a bit. Her trying to wank me back to life for a bit, but I just wanted to finger her. The bump looked better with her laid on her back. I gave her a damn good fingering as I had plenty of time on my hands and was pretty determined to have her cum at my command. It took a while to get her to cum with her laid out flat but I got it out of her in the end. Cheeks flushed showing me that she hadn't faked it to make me feel good. It got me hard again anyway!
I  declined an offer to go down on her and got her on all fours and knelt behind her. Wanking myself over her as I fingered her juiced up puss. To be honest I thought about slipping a johnny on and just fucking her as I really don't think she would have given up any fuss. The way she was positioned I reckon she was gagging but it wasn't what we'd agreed on.
I ended up having her laid on the bed legs parted wide with her fucking herself with a vibro and then wanking me off. I really wanted to give her a facial but I was too far down when I felt myself cuming. I managed to get some spunk on her belly and a glob landed on her suzzy belt so at least I left her a stain to remember me by! I worked what spunk I could muster up into my fingers and spread it over her tits and she joined in, wiping it into her nipples. There wasn't a lot though. I then tried to slip my hand down to give her flaps a bit of a spunky grope but she grabbed my wrist and stopped me. shaking her head but not causing too much fuss. She knew my game!
Whilst she went to clean herself up in the loo I grabbed a pair of her pants that were stewn on the floor with her work clothes (must work in an office) and gave them a good sniff. Fuck they smelt good, proper fucking filthy. She must have worn them all night and then all day. If I'd have grabbed them when I was behind her and sniffed them I'd have definitely gone through with it and fucked her and would have gladly have given her an extra £50 for the 3 minutes of pumping that I'd given her.
She kissed me before I left. Not french, just normal, but was polite. Back in the lobby I saw more of those air crew types all tarted up and ready to spend a bored night in a hotel. So I'm definitely going back there, just to see if any of them need company : )
I'm still let down that I couldn't have met pregnant Daniela but I had a good night with westonsuperblonde and don't regret the booking, just wish I'd seized the moment a bit more and just fucked her when I had the chance. Might go back to prey and pick up one of those air crew girls. Japenese, German, allsorts down there looking lonely. In the meantime I will try and book pregnant Daniela again.

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Offline EnglishRebecca121

  • Service Provider
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kensignton london?? also not a good idea to name hotels on forums :unknown:

Good point well said, I will avoid doing that in future.  :dash:

Offline Roth

Cheers for the review and welcome back to punting. :drinks:

Did you pay £200 or £220 or a 2 hour meet?  :unknown:

To be honest she looks dirty.  :rose: 

But her profile says in her FAQ-
 A. Yes, well I'm not getting any younger and fully understand that I have to reflect this in my rates. Also, I have to consider the 'Rules of Engagement' that I recently posted on my blog, so it is only fair to reduce my rates accordingly..

Basically she is engaged and preggo so not offering penetration - only oral.  :( But her minimum meet time is 2 hours at £200 for an incall. :scare: That's fucking expensive for what she's offering IMHO. :scare: :scare:

kensignton london?? also not a good idea to name hotels on forums :unknown:

Not against forum rules !

You cannot enforce non rules !


- Privacy of service providers
It is generally not allowed to post personal info of service providers, such as real names and personal social networking profiles. Phone numbers may be posted in full only if they are published in adverts / profiles. Hotels may be named. General description of incall locations is acceptable, but not specific house numbers and street names. Modelling, porn and media-related work are acceptable to be posted, even if it includes their real names as they actively sought publicity / higher-profile. News items may be posted depending on certain circumstances,. All aforementioned restrictions do not apply to thieves and those with criminal convictions. Past name changes are never censored, regardless of reasons.

You cant be running round making up forum rules and quoting them to new guys as fact !
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Offline EnglishRebecca121

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As for her rates, sorry but I should have made what I apid clear when I wrote the review -

£120 for a meet that lasted 2hrs 15min

About 45min in the reception food area and then 90mins of action time up in the room.

I thought that was pretty reasonable even considering she was only offering OWO :cool:

I do regret not discussing he possibility of a bit of fucky fucky with her though, as I think for a few dollars more then would have been the chance despite all this rules crap she waffles on about  :(

Offline Andyply

 :D nice review but this sounds ominous   :(
Might go back to prey and pick up one of those air crew girls.

 :) made me laugh the way you wrote this  :cool:
« Last Edit: February 19, 2016, 08:43:35 AM by Andyply »

haha  :lol: I didn't actually mean "Might go back to prey and pick up one of those air crew girls.:wacko:

What I meant was "Might go back to try and pick up one of those air crew girls.  :blush:

Although prey strangely works!

No more praying!  :manhater: No more Praying!  :manhater:

Offline Andyply

 :D  :P  good to hear it was looking a bit dark there for a minute  :lol: ;)
A petite Asian air crew babe would suit me  :yahoo:  I've flown to Hong Kong a few times with a constant boner that only went down simultaneously with the landing gear  :scare:
« Last Edit: February 19, 2016, 04:00:28 PM by Andyply »

Offline insignia

fuck me I would be in the mile high club for sure

Haha!!! Ah yes! I think I recognise the second one on the right! Imagine telling my WG to clear off as I had to get her to vacate the room in order to entertain my new Asian Airlines friend for the rest of the night!  :sarcastic:

I can see the WGs face right now, not at all impressed!  :blush:

Seriously though, it was a good punt, and I'm pretty sure that I could still pick out the scent of her on my fingers this morning! :kissgirl:

Offline insignia

im flying on Tuesday I wonder if they will look like that gonna give tommy cook a ring and arrange it lol

what a great title for a country and western song.

Back in the day I had a regular thing going with a hot brunette WG when I was living in Egham. She said she was a long haul cabin crew girl and used to regularly turn up at the hotel dressed in her sexy red airline uniform wheeling her little trolleycase and fuck my brains out for £150 a pop. It was great, but I can still remember the look on her face  :wacko: when I walked up to the deli counter in the Sainsbury's in the next town (Staines) and she was serving me on the cold meats counter!

Airline cabin crew my arse as Jim Royal would say!!! :diablo:

3 review(s) found for Air hostess Abbie linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

No, this was back in 2008 she was so ashamed that she wasn't the glam steward she'd led me to beleive she was that I never heard from her again. I've look at Casey though and she looks hot!  :kiss: Great tits!

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