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Author Topic: Li - Chinese Massage in Coventry  (Read 5572 times)

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Offline Indigo


Product: Massage with HE. I've been a couple of times and this review is from end of 2015. I find Li easy going, funny and genuine. She gave me some excellent Chinese Tea as a little Xmas gift.

Place: Stoke Heath area of Coventry, CV2. OK area. Plenty of street parking. Cheap NCP nearby in Clay Lane (in between turn for Villiers and Chandos St). The venue is on a mainly residential side road but it does have a few businesses and shops - garage at the end of the road. Very safe. Reception room and massage room (Li locks the front door when she's with you). Toilet but not sure about shower - never asked to be honest.

Price: £30 for hour's massage plus £10 for HE

Massage Review: I worked in Asia about 10 years ago and this is the best massage I've had since then. Really thorough and she gets into the achy bits. I'm mid 40's and actually enjoy a good strong massage and Li is excellent and adjusts to your needs and really works on any kinks she finds. She knelt/stood on me at one point easing something in my back. Absolutely first class but definitely on the hard side but I asked for this as I went after a big DIY session at home and was aching all over. She kept asking throughout if I wanted it harder/softer (oh er missus etc).

HE Review: Excellent. She begins with a bit of reach under and ball touching and if you raise your hips she'll stroke you to full hardness and play for a bit. Turn over and its more massage before she administers an explosive HE - good technique long firm strokes. I've seen a few comments on here about touching/not touching but first time I went I grabbed her ass "for balance" and she didn't mind. Not sure what else you could do but if i wanted to stick my fingers up anyone it would probably be a fit and filthy 18 year old to be honest.

Online Stapler

That's a pretty accurate report! I will be taking another trip to Coventry to see Li again when she comes back from China!

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Offline happypunt

That's a pretty accurate report! I will be taking another trip to Coventry to see Li again when she comes back from China!


Hi stapler. Do you know when she returns?

Offline carlme123

She is back.  Saw her last week and really good session mirroring the OPs experience.  Great massage and nice HE.

Offline Dellboy1

I was monthly regular, but seriously I could not stop holding my nose, I have been there yesterday, when I got inside her place, the smell and stinging of the room was unbearable, her service was not as she used to be before, the hygiene was very very poor.

I must find another one in Coventry, probably in Birmingham, or I will go back to Jane at Holyhead road.
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Offline bundmar

seen li yesterday excellent massage no hygiene issues. good as ever

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