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Author Topic: Nancy - Chinese Massage in Coventry  (Read 2096 times)

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Took a punt on Nancy after seeing her above advert in G/T. Was tempted to see Li after all the positive reviews I have seen for her but I couldn't get hold of her and being as I was on my way into Coventry from Nuneaton I thought I'd give Nancy a go.

Nancy, with all due respect, is nothing to look at, maybe early to mid thirties, hard to gauge, and her body is hard to gauge too due to the dreary clothes she wore, but being as I was in serious need of some h/r after a nice massage I thought what the heck. The terrace house she uses was quite stale inside, just a make shift massage bed in the back room. Nancy asked me if I fancied a soft, medium or hard massage and I plumped for medium. Thank god I didn't go for hard!!! the medium at times was almost unbearable, especially when she massaged my neck, but on the whole was ok. The massage she starts with towels covering the body and after about 20 mins she does it without them, I have to say, I really enjoyed the massage on the whole, you can tell she knows what she is doing.

I had paid £30 for the hour, and being as I hadn't been before I didn't ask for anything else just in case she took offence. The massage finished off with some light brushing of the old man, then turned over to reveal my huge boner which made her smile. At the end of the massage I thought I'd give it a go and asked if she offered h/r to which she said yes for £10. In all honesty I was gagging that much  I came like a rabbit within a few strokes, but what she did do I wasn't overly impressed with. No real slow build up just tugged away right from the outset. I tried to get her to slow down but eventually I just wa*ked myself off. Not the best, but hey ho, it's a tenner!!

Overall I have given Nancy a positive, more so for the firm 1 hour massage, it really did feel good at times, maybe I would try the 'soft' option if I went back, .... as to whether I will? ... I guess I will give Li a shot first just to see if she really is as good as the reviews I have read.

If you've had a dodgy back I would recommend Nancy in a second, however, if you fancy an attractive Chinese lady giving you a great Tommy, then maybe she isn't the best of the bunch.

Overall, a Positive, but close to a Neutral in all honesty.

Offline happypunt

Thanks for this review Marky.
In my opinion very accurate. She is not much in the looks department and she is actually in her mid forties. A little shy and a very nice lady. A very good firm massage but let down by her HE. Not a bit sensual. Basically grab hold of the little fella and tug as fast as possible to finish you as quick as possible.

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