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Author Topic: Ultimate punting / burner phone: Smart phone for $4!  (Read 579 times)

So an Indian company is planing on selling smart phones for $4. Weather they deliver on that promise is yet to seen.

I know that you get get mobiles for £10 or lower but to have something were you browse AW and UKP on would be dead handy. SIM card with DATA would probably cost more than the phone!

Check out on the BBC site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-35604785

At the moment I use my regular iPhone. I’ve just set it so text messages done appear on the home screen when it's locked and store all prossies phone numbers under Surry Traders so if forget to purge the call history it does not look suspect.

It all possible, I would recommend a separate phone. Don't know about iphone apps, but andriod apps like "Whatsapp" will reveal you to others if they in turn also use "Whatsapp". I would imagine this is the same all all instant message apps that cull phone numbers.

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