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Author Topic: Getting more than you bargained for  (Read 4759 times)

I was once away on business staying in a fairly standard hotel just off the motorway up near Sheffield.

Bored after dinner on my own, I decided to browse the aw mobile site for a quick search by location and found a really great looking girl doing in calls to her hotel.

A few messages swapped, a meet arranged,,and wouldn't you know it..... She's three doors down from me in the same hotel! That was definitely more than I'd bargained for!

Offline normal_guy

I once went to see an EE WG in clarence dock, leeds.

The price for half hour plus anal was the same as 1 hour without.

I rimmed and fucked her gorgeous ass then she got very cuddly and kissy. I stayed for the hour.  One ass pop one fanny.

I once visited a lady who I had seen about 6 times previously and paid for a half hour appointment and we were having so much fun and laughter when it finished and I was getting dressed realized I had been there for 1hr57 minutes and off course we werent shagging for the whole time but for a fair proportion of that time so on my next visit I felt it only right to get her a little "thank you" present.  This was certainly a lot more than I had bargained for  :yahoo:

Offline Marmalade

Prossies have shit memories. I've had several forget to ask for the money (I always remind them of course). Had one recently that forgot I'd paid her. Like those automated tills -- keep accepting money even when everyone's gone home.

Offline boardyhell

once on an incall,one lady blew me to cim and swallow
second round was doggy and pumping away,when she said she wanted to come
she has been frigging herself and said push your finger up my bum,so i suggested my cock
mounted her and pumped away like fuck and boy did she come,don't stop frigging herself she came again very vocally,don't stop as she wanted to come again
finally she gave up,by which time we had overrun by 30 mins, i slipped her the extra 40 for anal which she tried to give me back
life is full of surprises especially as my lady lodger was at home at the time as she was ill and must have heard everything
the noise was off the scale,nothing was ever mentioned

Offline Sonny Crockett

Last June a Plan B punt went really well for me...... They normally don't!!!! :yahoo:
Banning reason: Troll

Offline Huawei

A good couple of years ago, I saw a WG in Guildford a few times - she was always OK for CIM. One day she asked me where I wanted to cum - as usual I said in her mouth. To which she replied " what do you want me to do with it then", so I said: swallow it - not really expecting her to. Once I'd finished unloading in her mouth, she showed me it was empty - I never saw any evidence  :cool:. Saw her a couple more times before she disappeared, it never happened again  :unknown:

I use to see an ageing Asian girl off TCR, for a mid evening punt, pay for an hour, cum twice, share a bottle of wine & we would both fall asleep. She would wake me an hour or so later & we would proceed like lovers. Many a time I thought about trying to book later so I could stay the night but the thought of getting kicked out after the last tube & catching the night bus put me off.

She was regular GFE until I got myself a real GF.

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