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Author Topic: Sexy Angelina in Exeter  (Read 535 times)

Offline devonred

Recently tried to meet with Angelina before her latest holiday thinking she was retiring soon. Unfortunately I was unable to get a time in Bristol with her. She mentioned however that she hopes to be in Exeter soon after her return from her holiday (I've only ever seen her in Exeter which I assume is why she mentioned it).

Just thought I'd give a heads up to the Exeter locals who want to see her (especially if she is close to retirement) that she MAY be in Exeter very soon. Although this is a bit ambiguous, thought some people might want to save some pennies back in the punting fund incase she does announce an Exeter tour when she returns (Monday I think she said)  :drinks:

Offline devonred

Angelina is heading to Exeter 'soon'  :timeout: :dance:

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