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Author Topic: Ava Morgan - Mildenhall  (Read 1802 times)

8 review(s) for Ava Morgan (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline davidac

Link to profile:

https://www.adultwork.com/2677930 or https://www.adultwork.com/ava+morgan

My first review so be gentle!

I've seen Ava twice before and I booked for Saturday a couple of days beforehand by text.  We exchanged several texts before confirming time and my requests.  Ava is always spot on with comms and responds to texts quickly.

£80 for 30mins plus £20 for filming.

Easy to find location relatively close to town centre and very discrete entrance.  Met by Ava at the door looking stunning in a flimsy outfit, was offered drink, sorted monies and I chose for us to stay downstairs on the sofa.

I set up my phone for filming and Ava gave me a terrific lapdance that I asked for, lots of touching and kissing which turned into OWO with great technique.  Donned the hat and she pounded me hard cowgirl "for the camera".

A bit of RO (Ava has a genuinely very tasty pussy) before some POV filming with OWO and hand relief to get me cum over her tits.  Unfortunately I can only come laying down at the moment (long story) so I finished myself with Ava kissing and caressing.

Another great punt with Ava who is now my regular for a number of reasons.  She's a stunning, fun and quirky girl with an amazing body and tits.  Location suits me and price is reasonable.  I like she allows filming so I have some good material to keep me happy in between punts!  She has a good number of tattoos which do suit her and I'm not fussed about them.

The only negative I can say about Ava is her lack of FK.  There is no hint of it, just mouth.  I do find FK a turn on and she states it "at discretion".  Considering after all of my 3 punts with her she has left positive AW feedback mentioning I'm "always clean" I can only assume she has to fancy the guy to give it.  I will have to ask her next time.

I will see Ava again for all the positives I state but I will try some others over the next few months before I do, which I possibility I wouldn't have done if she offered FK.

8 review(s) found for Ava Morgan linked to in above post (7 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Hi so did you ever find out if she offers DFK and if not, why not? She's well reviewed on here but if I were to see a WG that didn't kiss, personally I'd find that ... odd? Fine to suck a guy's cock but not lock tongues, what would be the mentality behind that? Maybe I just don't understand women!

Offline Davido0007

She is fine with kissing and seems to be into it. As for French kissing never tried but she stated here on UKP, she only does it if asked. Due to the fact that not everyone likes it.

Yep  never understood that, its fine to suck a dick bareback but kiss?, seems another matter. Perhaps womenkind see that as way more intimate somehow?.

But there again I don't undterstand the female mindset - so???.

Offline davidac

No I haven't seen Ava since this review, mainly cos I'm trying different massage/HR girls at the moment, but the absence of FK is a key negative for me, if I'm paying over £2 a minute I want it to be happily forthcoming, not reluctantly!

Hi I'm new to ukpunting but have seen a few girls.
I agree that proper kissing is a big must as otherwise there's no passion and it seems fake.
These girls are paid to make us feel wanted and special otherwise we might as well kiss our own wived

Offline PeteSmyth

I visited Ava back in 2015. I don't think she had been escorting for that long when I saw her. She did DFK with me. But this was 2 years ago, maybe back then she was much keener to carve out a good reputation for herself as an escort so she went that extra mile. Since then she's had scores of geezers, so maybe she's become complacent? That said, I did have more of a connection with her than I've had with 95% of the other escorts I've seen, including her mate Charlotte Scott. Who knows? :unknown:

I just think it's weird that so many punters on here have said she doesn't french kiss, barely even kisses, yet it appears she (or someone pretending to be her) signed up specifically to say that she does? So who are we to believe, the WG or a whole bunch of punters all saying the exact opposite haha. Odd that so many posts have been made, on multiple threads, about a pretty trivial issue when you think about it - and yes I'm aware I'm contributing to that.

Can't see myself visiting her now as plenty of other ladies in that area, shame as she does look good.

Offline Neal69

Well I had FK when I visited her last October.

Damn good SP IMHO.


Offline davidac

Agree she's a great SP, have enjoyed all my meets with her. Glad you got FK (lucky sod!) but can only comment on my experience. Will ensure I ask for it beforehand next time I see her.

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