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Author Topic: Melek of Wembley  (Read 1963 times)

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I went to see Melek on Friday instead of eating lunch and had a great time. Expect the unexpected.

I called and she texted the address and I simply could not find it, I even called the hotel via directory enquiries and the number rang out. I eventually found a large pay and display public car park to stay and think. There was a ParcelForce man and he gave me directions, it was very close, It is a small hotel which you can see on foot but not the large building I imagined while driving by. Easy parking when you find it.

It looked like a fleapit on the outside but turned out just to be a modest small hotel but clean and decently appointed small rooms. I wandered in and a lady in a long dressing gown walking by, clutching a cup of tea asked me what I wanted. No formal reception in sight. I replied that I was about to phone a friend to see what her room number might be. Ah, she said, you want Melek and she told me the room and called up to her, I staggered up some steps to a welcome smile and a big mouth to mouth. Odd welcome to the hotel but nice result. She closed the door. 

She is a big lady with a big smile. I used the bathroom, paid her £60. She looked very stressed as I had called her 3 times when I was lost. She asked if she could go out for a smoke while I undressed to make her feel better. I refused this very firmly (I should not go home smelling of smoke and also hate the stuff.) and suggested she could put something else in her mouth (although oddly this did not happen).  We undressed on opposite sides of a double bed and I leaped in, we both went under the duvet and kissed and snuggled and she relaxed under the benefits of my stroking her neck and tummy, my stiff mister happy poking at her and my kisses on her ample bosoms. She was great at kissing, her nipples were responsive, she smiled at me between snogs. I tickled and licked her belly button and made her laugh. We just clicked.

I changed tack and went down on her after about 15 minutes of foreplay. She had vast thighs, but also vast flaps and a responsive clit. Very clean and tasty It is no idle boast but I know what I am doing down there and did it. I am patient. I found it exciting, and so did she and she moaned after a while, quite low and hoarse and then a small sweet gush. I added fingers just a little way and asked her if she wanted more. A nod. I did it again and then the unexpected but hoped for. I climbed onto her and rubbed mister happy against her moisture. which I loved, and she did not object. In he went and I thrust more and more until the sticky ending. Wow. I have not done it for years without first being sucked or licked to hardness. I was just hard and happy throughout, like a randy teenager, this woman got under my skin. We beamed at each other. She brandished a wet wipe and caught my drips and I cleaned up while she went to the bathroom.

She told me her real name and that she is not Turkish but Romanian. To my chagrin she said only 3 more days in London. We shall see. I might have space and time next Thursday …. The end. Good value.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline yumyum3

A most entertaining read HP. Thanks and glad you had a great time :)

Offline softlad

A most entertaining read HP.

+1, I don't have the same tastes as HP but find his reviews a must read.
keep 'em coming HP... :drinks:

Me too, I'm glad people are taking a shine to HP.  Especially after the pummeling he got when he first arrived.

Thank you gents for your kind words. I always maintain it has to be fun and fun is what I find or create for myself and the ladies I meet.

Offline Ali Katt

Good report HP, she's also the only one of the WGs I've seen you write a report on who I actually find attractive, but that's a personal thing. Having been to Turkey, she does look more Romanian, but it's not obvious from the one picture, maybe lying about nationality is out of order, but you had a good time so, it's not the be all and end all. Keep on puntin'.  :thumbsup:

HP - you have become a mini (maxi??) sensation on here.

I always look fwd to reading your interesting and entertaining posts.

I get the urge for a big girl every 3 or 4 punts or encounters. Maybe this is how it all starts?!

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