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Author Topic: Friday Punt  (Read 277 times)

Offline sjw1981

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right area of the forum so I apologise in advance.

I'm looking to go for a punt this Friday but don't know where to go as strange as this may sound! I'm based in the Birmingham area so pretty centrally located. I love older women Milfs especially. I was looking for some ideas from you guys on who you suggest I could go and see? I'm happy to travel a little so not too fussed on location. Any info from you guys would be greatfully received on your experiences and if there's anyone in particular I need to try.


Offline Steely Dan

Probably best to ask on the Brum board, but anyway you are not giving enough info for anyone to help you - there are hundreds to choose from.  See some of the sections here (how to ask for a reco, how to find a girl on AW and others) then maybe post a new question on the Brum board.

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