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Author Topic: Sexy Sandra/ Jessica from Admiral Escorts  (Read 1403 times)

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Offline Peterpack



I had Sandra/Jessica visit me at my hotel as a last punt before i left London.

Not the cheapest punt around at 350 for an outcall but i can easily afford it and it's pretty much what we pay in Australia.

Communication arranging the booking was easy and professional by SMS.

Now i did enjoy my time with Sandra, good sex and an amazing OWO with CIM and good conversation. I'm not as into getting blowjobs as most guys, but this really was exceptional, one of the best i ever had. I was ready to go a third time but Sandra has a cum twice only rule. I didn't push it.

Look i had a good time with Sandra, i do not regret the booking, but i wouldn't be rushing back and there are a few 'asterixes' to add to this review.

Sandra over the last year has had a lot of tattooes added, she told me she loves them and has gotten addicted. We aren't talking a few here and there, most of her back, arms etc. She really now has tattoo model levels of tattoos. I am not that into tattoos, it's a tribute to Sandra that i was still attracted to her (i was horny as hell at the time).

Sandra works out a lot and it shows. She is a little too toned for my liking. It makes her look a bit gaunt. Her fake boobs are lovely, but she i prefer a bit more natural fat on my ladies, especially around the tummy and bum.

I'm pretty good at guessing ages. Sandra is 33/34, no younger than that.

For guys who love fitness type models or tattoo models, Sandra is a godsend. For me, i would have loved to have seen the 2006 version of her. That would have been my jam :)

thanks for the review

i love heavily tattooed girls, dunno why she has no recent pics. Her pics are all professional with no ink on show at all.

and at £250 for the hour, I would expect a fuller enthusiastic range of services and cum however many times I want.

Offline Peterpack

I'm not into DFK so i don't know mate

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