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Author Topic: Hotels you can book by the hour?  (Read 1259 times)

Offline Pepsiii

Looking for hotels for outcalls where you can book by the hour instead of the full day for outcalls and ones where you book in your punting name or pay cash?
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Offline gary03

what sort of money are you looking to spend?
you can get budget hotels like ibis for 45 quid for the night

Interesting topic, I'm tempted in booking a hotel for an outcall but not sure what type of reception I would get checking out after a couple hours  :blush:

Offline gary03

its not a problem if you have already paid.just invent some family emergency & they will checkyou out  in a few moments

Offline bluefinger

No need to book out. Just book hotel for the night and when you finished leave your key card in the room. the room is booked until 11/12 and after that the cleaning lady will take the keys back.

Offline TomR

I was recommended dayuse.com. I haven't had a look at the site yet but was told that it covers most
UK cities.

Offline Pepsiii

Will they give you a room at short notice for early morning?
I was recommended dayuse.com. I haven't had a look at the site yet but was told that it covers most
UK cities.

Offline Steptoe

I booked 9pm for a 10am-5pm room the next day. No problem. I use Dayuse often.  Dayuse will always accept your booking but sometimes the actual hotel may not have noticed the booking by say 9.30 on the day (which is often when I/ we arrive) and we are simply invited to have a coffee at the bar while the room is checked/ prepared.  All very pleasant and civilised.

I guess you could book for the same day. You can leave when you like in the booked time slot.  I (we) usually leave at 3pm.  Just hand in the room card at Reception with a cheery "Thank You, see you in a couple of weeks".  Frankly the hotel (Ibis generally) does not give a damn so long as they get the £ for the room.

Offline normal_guy

A story about working nights (and perhaps some workwear) should cement any frail facade.

Offline kylo40

restover lodge at maltby is good, they dont care how long you stay and it was £25 last time I used it.
room as ok too

Offline Pepsiii

I'm in Leeds next couple of days can't find any hotels on day use that's cheap they all come up over £40.

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