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Author Topic: Amazing Annabelle69  (Read 1069 times)

Looks like another retirement as AW profile has gone after being largely inactive since the autumn of 2015. Before my own retirement I saw Bella on numerous occasions. Despite her craps communications (all handled through AW which would test the patience of a saint) and frequent changes of plan when you got to see her she was right up there with the very best. I doubt she will be back. She had been reducing her escorting commitments over many months as she builds up an unrelated business. Her spat with a number of members on here about fake pictures is a classic and further proof of the old saying 'when in a hole stop digging'! Nice girl and is a loss to the north east scene.

Offline Houdini

I have tried several times to book her over the last few months. She is not too good at answering e-mails but when she finally answered my first one she seemed very nice and had a good excuse for the late reply. She seemed keen for me to book so i e-mailed her back a couple of weeks ago for a particular day but she has not even read the e-mail so I have now given up. Shame as I liked the sound of her but there are plenty more about.

She actually emailed me out of the blue last summer as she was on my hotlist. Unfortunately as my availability is very limited and she was only working a couple of days a week, we were unable to match up. Shame.

Offline Looking4fun

She did that to a few punters & we all got the same response

Offline aberdeen angus

still working --only a couple of meets a week--no link

met her a couple of years ago,partly attracted by pictures--that was a mistake :(--otherwise ok MAY HAVE THIS WRONG  was thinking of adorable anna apologies
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