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Author Topic: Can trying to pickup women in public and fuck work?  (Read 2360 times)

Offline Fagin Again

This thread brings to mind the old story:

Bill:  So tell me, Bob, what's your chat-up technique?

Bob: Every time I meet a decent-looking woman, within ten minutes I ask her if she'd' like a fuck.

Bill:  You must get an awful lot of rejections.

Bob:  Yea, but I also get an awful lot of fucking.
Banning reason: Idiot

Offline Surrey83

Back in 2003-2011 I was a looking for a girlfriend. Approached more than 7000 girls on the street. Got laid and found some great girlfriends. Nowadays with the rise of tinder its considered a bit old fashioned. I refuse to chat up girls now with my mgtow status. Women have become entitled princesses so my only relationship with them is through friendship and punting.

So for those 9 years you approached at least 2 girls on the street every single day of the week without missing a day? Or did you only do it a few days a week and meet up with 10 girls a day?

Love it how when an established member makes a bullshit statement it's applauded, but someone with less posts is banned.

Can't argue that it's a bullshit question, but this post irked me somewhat.

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