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Author Topic: Busty-charlotte from glasgow  (Read 931 times)

Anyone has seen her yet as she is visiting edinburgh. Is it worth spending 70 quid ? Though she got massive titties and wana give it a try

Offline auldie63

Hiya Charlotte, you can save us a lot of time getting to your profile by adding a link.
Just looked at yer posts    BIYEE!
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Offline chico1000

Good spot Auldie totally obvious.
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Wtf guys i dont give a shit about her.all i was asking if anybody had a chance to see her. Is she really fat as she says size 14. Havent seen any reviews about her

Offline chico1000

You are not looking very hard.  Put her AW number in the box and you will find mine its not good.  If you read back your posts about her you will find you have followed her about and only have an interest in her.  There are many that come on here and try and pimp themselves, your posts have all the hallmarks of that.
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