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Author Topic: .Bianca - Southampton - touring  (Read 573 times)

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Positives  (1) Exceptionally pretty girl with a lovely little body. (2) Vivacious and lively - with 'attitude'.

Negatives  This reminded me of some of the poorer parlour experiences I've had ..... condom put on straightaway with no preamble, painfully vigorous handjob and non-sensual covered oral ..... don't do this, don't do that, etc. Furthermore, I suspect that the 'attitude' I listed above as a positive could also count as a negative if you got on the wrong side of Bianca. I'm a fairly undemanding punter, but if I'd been more confrontational and demanded more bangs for my bucks, I sense she could have got quite stroppy. (My feeling is that I'm not going to enjoy a service unless it's delivered voluntarily and with good grace - so there's no point trying to force the issue.) This wasn't a parlour, but it did remind me why I don't go to parlours any more. I can't get aroused unless there's some opportunity to get to grips with the girl and interact properly with her. It doesn't work for me if I'm held at arm's length so to speak. The entrance and approaches to the flat were a little dubious looking BTW - but then I'm not familiar with the city, so it probably felt more sinister than it really was for that reason.

Summary  I'd had a couple of reasonably good experiences with Romanian girls before this, and I was beginning to think that they're unfairly criticised - so I guess this punt was a necessary corrective. I'm not saying that Bianca's a bad person, however - just that she's in the wrong job.
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7 review(s) found for .Bianca linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 5 negative)

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