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Author Topic: SexySummer Glasgow  (Read 1026 times)

13 review(s) for ~SexySummer~ (11 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ickydicky

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Yes I know she is is well worn and well used Glasgow matron. I hadn't seen her for over a year but she was ideal punt for me last week as i was meeting some pals in a pub 50 yards from her long established fucking flat, not far from where i live too.

A phone call was made and she remembered me as an former regular and a one hour booking made at £110. Summer has weathered well since i last saw her. she has the kind of face which ages well and she still has the same rounded figure, smallish breasts, still firm and those amazing nips, plus that spankable bottom.

She was wearing just stockings and sussies and she immediately reintroduced me to her dfk and cock sucking technique. Summer is always up for taking a good spanking and I warmed that arse leaving it red before getting her on her hands and knees for a good old doggy banging that had me filling the bag. After she cleaned me up we lay kissing and stroking each other with me playing with those sensitive nips until I was hard again and she gave the old man plenty attention with her mouth until I put her on her back and face fucked her to spunk all over her smiling face.

There was no rush and it was over the hour before left. so when I met my pals I had empty baws and a smile on my face. In fact despite a long boozing session I was so drained I didn't even have the hangover horn the next morning.. Summer maybe a Glasgow matron, but she can still bring a smile to this old man's face.And she is handy.

Will I be back? Yes, and i wont leave it so long.
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13 review(s) found for ~SexySummer~ linked to in above post (11 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline chico1000

I really don't get the matron description.  To me matron means in your late 40's+ she is nowhere near that.  Thanks for the review though kind of put me in the mood for a little bit of summer again.
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Offline ickydicky

i agree about the matron description. I reckon Summer is not far away from 40 but could pass for early 30s.
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Offline mavgoose

Accurate and honest review.  Exactly how I remember her.

Dependable and good punt. I've been tempted more with other fruits of the punting world.
However, I know it'd be a good punt if I was to return.....

Offline DG

Just had to re-read my own review because although it was a positive, I didn't experience the enthusiasm described here. As I mentioned she pulled away when I tried to CIM, even though she said she was ok for it; and as for face fucking, when I tried she told me to calm down. Maybe it's a familiarity thing but it was probably that that has stopped me going back.
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