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Author Topic: Chinese shop in Boldmere  (Read 1306 times)

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Offline smithie1000

Needed a massage and some relief so ventured to the west midlands side this Saturday.
Popped along to Sutton Coldfield as I was interested about the new ladies there, I had a PM from an op I speak to a lot so I went along.  The little manager girl was the one I wanted but she wont do massage, I am in a completion with an op to she who can persuade her first  :lol:  she is pretty and petite.
The PM from the op I speak to a lot was right about the body/face of the two new ones, the older one is a bit of a minger, I chose the younger one (30ish) not very pretty and more tits on a budgie  :lol: but I wanted a drain.
The massage was very good and the HE was ok too, defo no touching, moved away except holding her bum over clothes.
£30 for 1/2 massage and £20 to the girl for HE.
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