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Author Topic: Anyone tried this???  (Read 567 times)

Any one tried this out? Situated in tonypandy area. Not sure if there's anything on offer.


Avoid, just avoid.

I'm still cursing I spent 10 pounds on petrol getting there.

Made a booking last September, 30 pounds an hour,  knocked on door, walked into living room, and made some excuses and left in a hurry.

I normally give things the benefit of the doubt, but had I stayed I think I would still be having nightmares about it.


Really? Wow. Ok so what happened?? Cause I've made a booking.

Well you have been warned !!!

It just wasn't for me. There was a pretty bad smell in the house, she answered the door holding 2 small smelly dogs and a bottle of baby oil.

Im not picky, but its the first time I've walked out from somewhere in 15 years, anywhere in the world.

The lady was a large lady,


Hi, and sorry  for the negative views, Im not normally one to interfere with other people's plans, but just had too speak up this time,

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