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Author Topic: False sound effects... posted in General..  (Read 715 times)

Offline shooie

Posted a few lines about False "sound effects"

And what I posted reminded me about a young lady called Illie (not sure about spelling)
Had a few very nice appointments with her a few years back..

Illie used to put on an accent/sexy voice...  but it didn't quite work for me.  She sounded like a very crap version of Vicki Michelle playing Yvette in Allo Allo..  Ooooooo Vicki Michelle/Yvette :)

Am I alone in not enjoying false sound effects??

Was that illie of south Shields? There were two of term in shields on in her twenties and the other in her thirties.

Offline shooie

Illie of Boro. 
Forget which agency she worked for.  I kinda think it was Notorious but could be wrong.

 Was it victoria from NG. Washington, she had a very quiet voice.

Offline Dunelm

Definitely not Victoria - can assure people her soft Irish accent is 100% genuine. I've seen her regularly for two years, most recently today.

Offline Boom52

Was it victoria from NG. Washington, she had a very quiet voice.

Having visited Victoria many times when she was starting out and worked for NG she did have a quietish voice - but with a soft Irish lilt not French or fake French in anyway.

And there was nothing fake with that lovely lady (and still isn't!).

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